Look Sexy with Lingerie-Inspired Fashion

For the longest, lingerie has been reserved for quality time with the hubby. But now, these undergarments have been updated as key fashion pieces. Redefine your sexiness level with these alluring yet chic lingerie-inspired fashion ideas.

Be a Bombshell in a Bustier

Of all lingerie-inspired pieces, one of the best items to have is the bustier. Not only does it make your boobs look firm and perky, it can shave a few inches off your waist as well. Since this garment is sexy by itself, wear it with more traditional bottoms, such as trousers or a pencil skirt. That way you can wear your bustier to more formal engagements, such as board meetings and work galas.

green bustier

black bustier

Be Tempting in Sheer

If you want to show skin – but not go super bare, then you should try are sheer garments. They leave little to the imagination – but they don’t leave you too bare for malicious ogling. The key to pulling off this look – without looking too suggestive – is to keep it ‘covered.’ By that I mean wearing sheer outfits that pretty much cover most of your body. See the sexy yet ‘conservative’ examples below.

black sheer top sheer top

Be Luscious in Lace

You don’t necessarily have to wear skin-tight clothes to achieve a lingerie-inspired look. You can do so simply by wearing lacy clothing. Like sheer, it adds volumes of sultriness – without exposing your nether regions.

blue lace dress lace cover-up

Be Sexy in Shorts

If you have gorgeous gams, then make sure to flaunt them in short shorts. For the ultimate lingerie-inspired look, choose styles that almost look like boybriefs.

white shorts printed shorts

Be Vivid in Velvet

This winter season, the best way to look hot (and keep warm) is to wear velvet pieces. Plus, it looks elegant – you won’t look slutty at all. If you are looking for ways to wear velvet, click here.

green velvet dress red velvet jumpsuit

Be Hot in Leather

If you want a sexy look that goes borderline BDSM, then go for ultra-tight leather outfits. Don’t limit yourself to just black, as there are other leather/pleather colors that can invoke a feeling of eroticism.

tight leather dress tight leather skirt

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