Look Beauty Cheeky Trio Peach Melba review

Look Beauty Cheeky Trio Peach Melba blush palette review :Look Beauty Cheeky Trio in Peach Melba review

This kit contains a bronzer, blush and a highlighter in a sleek and simple package. I find this product soft to the touch and easy to blend. 
The bronze goes on nice and matte, which i prefer to looking like a shiny disco ball, the blush has a slight shimmer but not too much, I find the shade gives me a nice flush of colour. The highlighter i would recommend using sparingly as it is quite bright. I personally think that they’re very pigmented so a little will go a long way. Although it is named ‘peach melba’ i find the blush to be more of a pink shade than orange toned. I do like that it comes with a nifty recommendation on how to wear it on the back of the packaging if you’re unsureLook Beauty Cheeky Trio Peach Melba


Cheeky Trio Peach Melba Swatches on my hand:


Look Beauty Cheeky Trio  Peach Melba swatches

Overall I dont have any complaints. Infact when i first started wearing this my man came home from work and said “you look all radiant and glowy today”. so it’s a thumbs up from me.

Have you tried any ‘look beauty’ products? how do you find them?
Katie xo

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