Liza Chloë van Duyn: Classic Grunge Street Style

Though grunge fashion style is known for comfortable, messy, and an unkempt look, you may keep it tamed by combining grunge styles with classic ensembles to give some polish to the style. Sometimes, grunge style is all about cheap clothing worn in a careless way so give the style some twist by giving it a dignified look. After all, the edgy style deserves that for the comfort, casualness, and edge it gives to you. Wondering how you can nail the classic grunge style? Let’s be inspired by a style blogger personalized this edgy street looks.

all black grunge outfit

From Paris, France, Liza Chloë van Duyn is known for her quirky and grunge fashion style with a twist of a classic touch. Though she focuses on comfort and dark colors, she still retains the classic feel by opting for classic staples like basic tees, trench coats, cardigans, blazers, suits and such.

beanies with grunge outfit studded loafers trench coat with classic shawl metallic clutch with grunge outfit heels with grunge outfit grunge stockings with combat boots

Though grunge style is known for punk jewelries like studded belts, leather bracelets, choker, chunky bangles, spiked necklaces, arm chains that have a rock-and-roll vibe to them, to keep it classic you may skip those and opt for other accessories like beanies, bandana, and sunglasses. Since classic grunge style is all about comfort and style, scuff up those combat boots like Doc Martens, high-top sneakers, flat boots, wedges, studded loafers, stilettos, or even consider wearing black stockings with them.

burgundy leather jacket classic grunge outfit coat with button down shirt leather trousers with classic outfit

The trick of layering your clothing gives off the comfortable and stylish feel. Though big flannel shirts, oversized sweaters, grunge band t-shirt, and denim vest scream the grunge feel, keep it classic by layering classic staples like Liza did. Instead of a flannel shirt, wear a classic print shirt like checks and top your looks with a suit. Also, leather has become a dominant detail in the grunge style. So, like Liza, wear a classic sweater and a leather jacket together to balance the classic grunge feel.

classic outfit with grunge shoes classic skirt with grunge top distressed jeans with classic suit metallic blue jeans distressed jeans with classic top

Obviously, Liza loves black and other darker colors as well as distressed denim. It’s time to sport you denim jeans preferably ripped, worn-out, acid-washed, stone-washed or dark. For a more authentic grunge look, rip your own jeans as store-bought distressed jeans look different than jeans you are ripped yourself. On the other hand, keep the classic feel by wearing classic skirts or dressy pants. Wearing a pair of metallic blue pants is a tricky way to add some color to your grunge look.

navy dress with grunge jacket leather dress with boots gray leather dress classic dress with leather jacket

If you feel to dress up your grunge style, the opt for classic dresses and just layer a leather jacket or vest to add some edge to a feminine look. On the other hand, leather dresses are a statement to your looks. Just keep the grunge and edgy look classic by teaming them with classic ensembles like a classic suit, structured blazer, classic pumps and such.

When mastering the classic grunge style, it may take minimal effort at first. But, the more you perfect the balance and style, the classic grunge fashion becomes an alternative style to stay classic and edgy at the same time. So, show off your edgy side on the streets and stay timeless with a classic grunge style.



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