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Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Lip Treatments – Goodbye

I bought the Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball lipstick in Goodbye ages ago; but I’ve only just gotten around to posting about it now. The Butterfly Ball lipsticks are classed as a ‘treatment’ product containing vitamin E, C, B and Aloe Vera. The range contains 5 shades from from the very fair right up to the deeper shades; like Goodbye.

Each shade also contains a turquoise shimmer which is meant to make teeth look brighter and whiter. Lipstick Queen describes them light and sheer as a butterfly wing with a flash of bright turquoise iridescence to disarm and then charm your target.Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Goodbye

Goodbye is a deep, yet sheer blackened berry shade that’s packed with turquoise shimmers. They’re quite obvious in the tube; it’s a stunning effect.Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball lipstick swatches

In indoor lighting the blue shimmer isn’t as visible, Goodbye just looks like a semi-glossy blackberry shade, although it’s still pretty unique compared to the rest of the lipsticks in my collection.Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball lipstick in Goodbye

When there’s lots of light, however, the blue shimmers come alive to create a cool sheen on the lips. It dazzles most in sunlight but you can always enhance the shimmer by layering a clear gloss over the top. Goodbye is pictured, below, without a gloss in flash lighting.Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball lipstick review

Overall this is a gorgeous, unique lipstick shade with a hydrating and soothing formulation. The shade range isn’t very big and of all the colours Goodbye was the only one that really drew me in; however I’m extremely happy with my purchase.

If you want to check out the Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball range you can find them in KIT stores or online for $33.95AUD.