Lipstick Colors to Get in Matte

Matte lips rose to the ranks, quite surprisingly, last year and the selection for every formula – lipstick, lip stain, lip cream – is pretty extensive so we just know all the matte-loving ladies out there are on matte lip heaven right now. I personally am not a fan of matte lips as my lips dry up rather quickly and matte lipsticks can sometimes make things worse but I really love the look of them. If you’ve yet to get your hands on your first matte lipstick or you’re looking for new colors to add to your collection, check out these lipstick colors to get in matte.

  • RED – a red lip is a classic, we all know that, and if you’re looking for a way to give this old classic a sexy new twist, why not wear it matte? Matte red lips scream sexy and fun. It’s a great way to add a pop of color to a simple makeup look or even a bare face. It’s loud and bold but in an elegant kind of way. It’s the kind of matte lip you’d want to go for if you want to polish up your look.

rich red matte lips

matte true red lipstick bright red matte lips red lipstick matte

  • ORANGE – orange was last summer’s hottest lip color and we’re still seeing plenty of bold beauty junkies out there sporting this hue. While orange is a great color to wear on the lips, there’s no doubt that this color can be a little overwhelming, especially when coupled with lots of gloss. To tame it down a little bit, try wearing it matte. It’s a great step to take if you’re wearing orange lips for the first time.

orange lipstick bare face and orange lips bright orange lips

  • PINK – now, I know pink is probably one of those few lip colors that a lot of women enjoy very glossy but believe me, matte pink lips are just as good. Sure, that glossy pink lip is going to give you full Barbie status – feels and all – but a matte pink lip is something that will make it look more grown up and sophisticated.

hot pink matte light pink lips neon pink matte lips matte pink lips

  • WINE – wine-colored lipsticks, whether they lean more on the reddish side or the purple one, are always great for vamping up your look. Aside from being a fall/winter staple color, it’s also a color that you can wear anytime you want to give your whole look a bit of a vintage glam. Also, choose matte if you want your wine-stained lips to look more intense.

wine lips matte blonde hair wine lips

  • BROWNISH NUDE – there’s really no bigger reason that you should get a matte brownish nude lipstick other than the fact that Kylie Jenner wears it. Look for a brownish nude lipstick with a slight hint of mauve for the perfect Kylie pout!

kylie inspired lips kylie jenner matte lips matte brownish nude lips

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