Linda Tol: Boyish and Androgynous Street Style

Characterized by a signature platinum bowl haircut, the Amsterdam-based blogger Linda Tol become a street style star known for her boyish and androgynous look. She’s is one of our favorite girls to watch, thanks to her refreshing take on personal style as she managed to pin down a look that works for her, and rarely strays. Though she sometimes incorporates trends into her outfits, she never looks like a slave to fashion in the way some other bloggers and street style bait do, and as a result, she always stands out in a crowd.

black top with vogue print jeans

cuffed jeans with red blouse denim jumpsuit with winter coat jeans with black coat sporty-bag-with-casual-outfit

Looking boyish and androgynous on your street style doesn’t always mean wearing tuxedos, oxfords, brogues, and straight-leg pants on your everyday look. Like Linda, you may opt for unisex pieces that look less feminine over chiffon blouses, off shoulder tops, and sheer tops. She creatively paired black top, chesterfield coats, graphic tops, and sporty sweaters with her slouchy boyfriend jeans to create a polished yet androgynous look. Instead of wearing a denim jumpsuit with a fitted style, Linda sticks to slouchy boyfriend fit that made her casual style edgy and boyish.

androgynous-outfit-with-colorful-bag brightly colored top with culottes hot-pink-outfit-with-statement-boots mustard-dress-with-edgy-boots orange coat with white pants and cobalt blue bag

Androgynous look may sometimes stick to neutral shades of black, white, gray, and brown but Linda made some twist to it by picking bright colors. To make her feminine mustard dress a bit boyish, she opted for a pair of edgy boots over classic pumps that made the look. Also, the slouchy fit of her pink sweater and skirt, as well as statement boots, made her looks a bit androgynous despite of the feminine color of her outfit. Looking for ways to dress down your sleek coat and dress pants? Then simply trade your classic pumps to a pair of canvas sneakers like Linda did.

floral-sweater-with-wide-leg-pants-and-pointed-boots printed outfit with sneakers quirky-print-dress-with-sneakers sequin shirt with skinny jeans -sneakers-with-black-top-and-printed-skirt

Looking boyish and androgynous on your street style doesn’t mean skipping those feminine floral prints as Linda creatively wore them without compromising to the looks she’s aiming for. When picking for a floral print sweater, you may dress it down by opting for a pair of wide leg pants and pointy boots like she did keeping her feminine vibe on her androgynous style. If you think stripes are too classic for your personality, then copy Linda’s style of wearing a rainbow striped sequin shirt with her skinny pants making her outfit look modern and androgynous.

fur scarf with boyish outfit oxford shoes with tuxedo vest and skirt quirky-headband-and-ankle-strap-sandals-with-nude-dress white fur coat with colorful outfit wool coat with gray outfit and sneakers

To complete your boyish look, go for structured coats, tuxedo vest, and even chesterfield coat that can contribute to the style you’re aiming for. But, if you’re not a fan of those borrowed-from-boys items, then simply go for a fur coat like Linda did, while adding some boyish flair to it with a pair of pointed boots. Oxfords, sneakers, brogues, and such are great alternatives if you think boots are too warm for the summer season. This way, you look boyish and androgynous to your look without losing your overall feminine vibe to your street style.

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