Linda Rodin Style Tips

Model, stylist, and entrepreneur – these are just some of the titles that Linda Rodin has under her belt. Even if she’s on her sixth decade of life, she manages to be trendier than ever. Make the most of the ‘Rodin Olio Lusso’ founder’s experience by following these proven and tested Linda Rodin style tips.

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There is Beauty in Simplicity

This is perhaps one of the best Linda Rodin style tips that you can bear in mind. Although dressing up to the nines every now and then is good, nothing beats looking simple and effortless. If you want to stun the crowd, remember this Linda Rodin mantra: “There is beauty in simplicity.”

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Look Up to Your Mom

With mother’s day around the corner, this Linda Rodin style tip is more than just fitting. Raised by a revolutionary mum, it can be said that most of Linda’s fashion philosophies came from her mother. So if you want to get some stunning style tips, then browse through your mum’s old pics. Better yet, rummage through her chest of old clothes. Her high-waisted jeans (aptly-called mum jeans), shift dresses, and crop tops are just some of the vintage style inspirations that you can try out.

mom jeans outfit vintage floral crop top printed shift dress

Invest in the Original

An original item such as a bag or shoes can be expensive, but Linda Rodin style tips dictate that it can be cheaper in the long run. That’s because a genuine item stays classically chic throughout the years. Take the case of the classic Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag. It might be pricey at first, but it will do you good – as you can wear it in your 20’s – up to your 60’s, just like Linda Rodin.

gucci bag outfit louis vuitton scarf

Never Wear a Designer Look from Head to Toe

Designer pieces are undoubtedly lovely, but Linda Rodin warns the ladies out there NEVER to wear such labels from head to toe. Find a break from the excessive opulence by incorporating your designer pieces with simpler, dressed-down designs. This viewpoint actually stresses another Linda Rodin style tip, which is “There is beauty in simplicity.”

louis vuitton bag black hermes bag black celine bag

Denim is Perfect

Although Linda Rodin can afford expensive haute couture, she always has this to say: denim is always perfect. A denim fan since age 5, she loves the different types of jeans – especially the vintage ones. Get the chic Linda Rodin style tip by wearing a classic denim jacket or baggy-legged jeans (don’t forget to roll the hems up.)

vintage denim pants vintage sailor jeans

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