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Lemon Water – what is lemon water good for?

Sip This: Lemon Water

What with new years resolutions and healthy eating still filling the air and making our eyes water up every time we look at/think of a bar of galaxy (which can be a lot!), I have been thinking about easier ways we can get that little bit healthier without feeling like we’re being punished.
And I found it.
 Lemon Water
I’ve decided to make lemon water part of my daily diet. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot or cold water, it depends what mood I’m in that day. Let me tell you WHYYY:
1. It’s cleansing and the citric acid kick starts enzyme function to stimulate detoxification.
2. Lemons are packed with tonnes of natural vitamins giving you energy. They hydrate and revitalise, completely refreshing you.
3. They aid digestion, this will help your insides out no end and you’ll be thankful for it when you’re older 😉
4. Lastly, by removing toxins from your body YOUR SKIN WILL GLOW.
Stay healthy and preserve your beauty girls!
Have any of you tried lemon water?