Lazy Day Outfit Combination Ideas

Women are known for taking ages when getting ready and dressing up to go somewhere and while there’s nothing like knowing that you have the perfect outfit on, there will always be those days when you just won’t feel like getting up and mixing and matching pieces together to come up with a cute look. Thankfully, there are so many looks out there that you can do in five minutes or under and these looks are guaranteed to make you look and feel fab. If you often find yourself in a rut with no inspiration for getting dressed and looking cute, whatsoever, check out these lazy day outfit combination ideas that are sure to get you fired up on looking stylish.

  • White shirt and jeans – nothing beats the classic white shirt and jeans outfit when it comes to dressing up on lazy days. This outfits has proven itself to be a timeless classic which is why women of all ages make it their go-to combo for days when they’re feeling a little under the weather. If you’re really not in the mood for some glamming up, you can wear this outfit combo as it is. If you want to make it a little more livelier and exciting, however, you can add a pop of color or accessorize it any way you please.

ripped jeans white shirt

white tee and jeans

  • Oversized sweater – an oversized sweater isn’t just good for warming up during the colder seasons. Get yourself an oversized sweater that’s rather light and you have yourself a chic sweater dress that you can wear on days when you don’t feel like mixing and matching clothes. You can wear this for running errands or for grabbing a quick bite with your friends.

oversized sweater dress black sweater dress

  • Bright and colorful dress – I personally think that if women had to choose between a little black dress and a bright and colorful one, they should pick the bright and colorful one first since not everyone always has somewhere to go to wear a little black dress for. A bright and colorful dress, on the other hand, is something you can wear anytime you’re too lazy to even think of what to wear. Just slip it on and pair it up with cute shoes and you’re good to go! No one even has to know you weren’t in the mood for dressing up before you went out.

bright coral dress bright yellow and blue dress

  • Romper – a romper is super convenient for lazy days. It saves you the time from thinking of what top to wear with which bottoms because it’s like a two-in-one kind of piece. Now, rompers are very light, cool and summery because the bottom part is made of shorts so if you want something with more coverage, you can also go for jumpsuits instead.

colorful pattern romper easy eyelet romper

  • Button up shirt and pencil skirt – not in the mood for getting dolled up but still need to show up to work? Throw on a cute button up shirt, tuck it into a figure flattering pencil skirt, finish up with a fierce pair of heels and you have yourself an outfit that’s sure to impress everyone at the workplace!

cute outfit for work quick office outfit


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