LANCÔME CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base Review

So as I am getting onto blogger to do a post about Lash Primers… I get this nice message from Google stating that I have used up all the space on my “Picasa” web album and cannot upload any more photos to my blog.
News to me… never even knew that there was a limit? Or that I had a Picasa account?
So I had to go back in to this website and delete hundreds of old photos that were on my blog just to upload the TWO pictures I had for this post. What. The. Hell.
Looks like I have to buy storage or something now… LOVELY.
Anyway, let’s get onto what this is really about.
1  Lancome MASCARA
I’ve never been one to try all sorts of lash primers or serums. I generally find a mascara that gives me good results and then I stick with it. But sometimes I get annoyed having to apply 20 coats of my favorite mascara to get some extra length and volume, so awhile back I ventured out and purchased the Lancome Cils Booster XL Lash Primer.
I purchased this directly at my Lancome counter in Macy’s, and I do enjoy it, but as you’ll see below, the results are not terribly dramatic, but there is a reason I love this product…
Below I show a side by side photo of my lashes with and without primer. I notice that the lashes are thicker at the root, and maybe have a tiny bit more length to them, but nothing to where I would call this a holy grail lash booster.
The reason why I do love this product is for two other reasons. First of all, I have very oily skin as I’ve mentioned before. Along with oily skin, I sometimes have oilier eye lids. With my lashes being pretty long, sometimes the mascara will transfer below my eyes or onto my lids. Not with this primer. It keeps it smudge proof, and my mascara sticks around looking the same as it did when I put it on in the morning.
Second of all, I tend to have a problem with flaking. I work in front of a computer, so I’m always blinking, adjusting my contacts or glasses, or rubbing my eyes. When I have the Lancome primer on, I can do all this without worrying about touching up.
2 lancome mascara when worn
Overall, I would say that I would continue to repurchase this product for the reasons I stated above. It really does help me keep my mascara looking flawless all day, without any flaking or smudging, and that I am happy with!
Have you tried this primer? What are some of your other favorites?

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