Lady Gaga-Inspired Fashion You Can Actually Wear

Lady Gaga might be known for her Billboard-topping hits, but she is more (in)famous for her weird, over-the-top clothes. Although this is the case, she has attires that are worthy of some applause. Here are several Lady Gaga-inspired pieces that you can actually wear – without drawing the eye of the fashion police.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads were 80’s staples, but Lady Gaga made them famous once again. Her vigorous use of shoulder padded attire is one you should emulate. These are often seen in structured blazers, although there are cute dresses that come with shoulder pads as well.

lady gaga shoulder pads

orange dress with shoulder pads white shoulder pads blazer


Colorblocking is one of the most famous fashion trends of today, as seen in this red and orange dress. Worn by Lady Gaga in her Q Magazine photo shoot, this is one of the classiest styles that you can copy from the “Bad Romance” singer.

lady gaga colorblock dress pink and green colorblock dress mint and purple colorblock dress


One of the easy-to-follow Lady Gaga fashions is her Houndstooth attire. This post-interview Garb – which she wore in New York – is a bit too much for anybody, since it is Houndstooth from head to toe. For a classy look, pair your Houndstooth clothes with solid-colored or toned-down pieces.

lady gaga in houndstooth

houndstooth pants gold houndstooth skirt

Bandage Dress

Even if you cannot bare much like Lady Gaga, you can channel this sultry look by investing in a good bandage dress. Invest in a good style as it can be very versatile – you can take it from work to after-dinner drinks.

red bandage dress white bandage dress

All-Black Ensemble

This all-black get-up is one of the simplest garbs that Lady Gaga has been seen in. A solid ebony attire is one you can take wherever, from the office to the mall (depending on the pieces you use, of course.) Add some spice to your wardrobe (just like Lady Gaga) by adding attention-grabbing accessories into the mix.

lady gaga in black black dress and jacket

MJ-Inspired Get-Up

Just as iconic as the quirky Lady Gaga is Michael Jackson, whose fashion style she channeled in the London Fashion Week. Tone down Gaga’s look by ignoring the single bejeweled glove and dressing your office outfit in a white, sparkly blazer. You can even wear MJ’s signature brogues if you are really up to it.

lady gaga in michael jackson attire white structured blazer

When it comes to fashion icons, you can include Lady Gaga in her list. Just draw inspiration from these fashion police-approved wardrobes to get a unique yet stylish look.

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