Korres Zea Mays 15 Natural Powder Blush review

Korres Zea Mays 15 Natural Powder Blush review:

I find that sometimes the best and most interesting things happen on a random Thursday when you’re not expecting them to.

Today, I have a fun one. Ever wanted a blush that you can use on your cheeks and as a contour? Something that will give you a warm, radiant glow on cold dreary days, and cheekbones when you’re having a bit of a fat day?

I have what you’re looking for – no, really, I do. It’s Korres Zea Mays Blush in 15 Natural. I’ve got a review and swatch comparisons after the jump.Korres-Zea-Mays-15-Natural-Powder-Blush

Before I go any further, I should say that I realise now that my picture of the blush in the pan is too pink. The actual colour of the blush is much closer to that of a bronzer, but… you get the idea.

Korres Zea Mays 15 Natural Blush is a warm, neutral shade. There’s a touch of peachy bronze, and a slight shimmer-sheen. It isn’t dirty, it isn’t orange, and… it’s just perfect on my warm skin.

It isn’t massively pigmented which I like – it allows me to build up the colour when and if I need it. The texture is really smooth, and it’s a dream to apply.

I’ve been wearing it as a contour some days, and as a back-of-the-cheeks blush other days as well. I’ll definitely have a face of the day post up soon so you can see how it looks on my skin. Here is a swatch on my hand :Korres-Zea-Mays-15-Natural-Powder-Blush-swatch

I love Korres products and I’m fanatical about their mascaras, so I was keen to give the blushes a go. This didn’t disappoint and I’m definitely off to get more.

It’s the holy grail of natural blushes for me, which is fitting considering the name.

I bought mine from Bath & Unwind, but if you’re planning a trip to Greece, I would definitely suggest you bring a spare carry on so you can load up on as much Korres as you can get your little mits on.

I have 16 Pink to show you tomorrow, but in the meantime here are the shades in the Korres Zea Mays Range:

  • 15 Natural
  • 16 Pink
  • 18 Peach
  • 22 Purple
  • 32 Purple Brown
  • 44 Orange
  • 45 Coral
  • 47 Orange Brown

If you’re wondering what Zea Mays means, it refers to what’s in the blush – Corn!

Cost of Korres Zea Mays 15 Natural Powder Blush ?
Australia: $49.95 from Kit Cosmetics
UK: £17.50 from Bath and Unwind
USA: $24 from KorresUSA

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