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KMS Dry Shine Styler Review

Hello ladies! here is my KMS Dry Shine Styler Review!

I’m the first to say that I don’t know much about my hair, but what I do know is that I prefer it when it does what I tell it to do.

I’m also pretty crafty (hah, sometimes) and I’m a sucker for anything that looks like a glue stick, so today I have something pretty cool. It’s called the KMS Dry Shine Styler.



First, a little bit about the prdouct itself – The KMS Dry Shine Styler is a lightweight formula that offers subtle control, and is formulated Pearl Extract. It’s designed to amplify shine and smooth strays – apparently it even seals split ends.

Packaging – This stuff is really well designed – I love the packaging. It comes in a glue stick container, complete with twisty thing and lid. It’s solid so if you want beauty on the go, this product is perfect – no spill, no mess, no fuss. It’s light (18g) but it has a lot of product and will last ages because you don’t really need much.

How I Use It – A little goes a long way. You can apply it directly on your hair, but I find I get the best result if I glue-stick my hand, warm it up and then apply it where I want. In terms of where to put it, when my hair is down I use it in my roots and then the ends of my hair. I don’t use it in the body of my hair because I like as much volume & curl as my Asian-straight hair can handle.

I prefer to use it when I have my hair in a ponytail – I find I get a really smooth, Hollywood-esque, shiny and glamorous ponytail. LOVE.

Overall – I love love love this thing. It’s easy to use, the packaging is great, the price is right, and it gives me the results I want. What’s not to love?