Kim Kardashian’s Style Tips for Curvy Women

With vital statistics of 38-26.5-42, it can be said that Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular curvy women out there. More than just a reality star, she is seen by others as a fashion icon as well. Look your best just like Mrs. West always does with her useful style tips for curvy women.

Cinch your Waist

Kim Kardashian is known for her tiny waist which is seemingly dwarfed by her bust and her hips. Even if you don’t have a waist as skimpy hers, you can create the same illusion simply by following her style tips for curvy women. One of her top tips is to cinch your waist with a belt. Whether it’s a skinny one or a thick one, a belt can help you create an amazing hourglass figure.

belted dress

belted jumpsuit

Show Your Curves

Curvy women are often ashamed of their humps and lumps, but not Kim Kardashian. In fact, her style tips for curvy women include loving and accepting their shapes, no matter how big they might be. With that being said, Kim advocates showing your curves! That means wearing form-fitting pieces that can accentuate your lovely lady figure.

white top and black skirt white outfit

Say No to Oversized Pieces

While oversized pieces are all the rage nowadays, they are no-no’s for curvy women. According to Kim’s style tips for curvy women, voluptuous ladies like her should stay away from oversized tops and dresses. Yes, they are comfortable, but you can end up looking sloppy if you decide to go with these fashion pieces. If you want to heed the hippie trend that comes with oversized clothes, then wear a flattering one: the maxi dress.

striped maxi dress black bodycon dress

Get a Tailor

When all else fails, Kim’s style tips for curvy women advocate seeking the help of a great tailor. According to the celebrity, “Anything you should wear should be proportioned to your body.” For Kim, hemming a skirt line can mean the difference between looking drab and looking fab. With that being said, a tailor can help you make sure that everything fits you like a glove.

tailored outfit kim kardashian tailored outfit

Get into Shape(Wear)

Even if Kim Kardashian has all the support to create the perfect figure, the fact of the matter is she’s human as well. Yes, she wears shapewear too – and it is one of her most important style tips for curvy women. After all, shapewear can make your body look slimmer and smoother – so there won’t be any ugly lines underneath your bodycon tops and dresses.

camel bodycon dress white turtleneck dress

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