Key Summer Pieces According to your Body Type

This season is all about wearing the best key summer pieces. But if you want to look hot for the summer (quite literally,) then you need to find the best outfits according to your body type. Look sexy – and be the talk of the town – with the help of these complementing key summer pieces.


Also known as boyish, the athletic body type features the same shoulder, waist, and hip measurements. To look girly, you need to play with proportions. That means wearing your loose, baggy jeans with frilly, ruffled tops. Put on some strappy heels and you will definitely look sexy – despite your athletic built.

frilly top and jeans

ruffled top and ripped jeans


Tall and lean – these are the defining characteristics of the ballerina body type. If you own this kind of body, then do wear key summer pieces that put focus on dimension. A tiered dress – with its smartly-placed ruffles – is just one of the key summer pieces that can create the illusions of curves here and there.

models in tiered dresses white tiered dress


If you have an hourglass figure, then you are very blessed! While most key summer pieces will look good on you, you can never go wrong with a jumpsuit. True to its’ name, a jumpsuit is a one-piece wonder. For best results, pick a style with an adjustable midsection – so you can style the suit according to your mood.

red jumpsuit summer jumpsuit


Your weight is centered on your torso, but you need not worry. A boxy dress is one of the key summer pieces for your body type. Just keep the hem short so the attention is showered on your glorious gams.

colorful boxy dress orange boxy dress


Guys like big butts and they can’t deny this! With that being said, you are lucky to have a pear-shaped body. If you have much junk in the trunk, know that high-waisted gauchos should be one of your key summer pieces. These can highlight your waist, thereby making you look sexier.

beige gauchos black gauchos


Most people would say that you are gifted – and that is the case! So if you want to showcase your ample bosom, then make sure to wear key summer pieces that accentuate your waist. While belts and ties will do you good, you will benefit more from smartly-draped dresses. The right ruching around the midsection will help slim down your waist – and highlight your hefty chest.

busty blue ruched dress busty ruched dress


Even if you are lacking boobs, you can still rock key summer pieces! In fact, you are one of the select few who can rock cut-out crop tops. Choose styles with crisscross straps and strategic openings to highlight your clavicle, thereby making you look ‘blessed’ – even if you are not.

black crop top vanessa black crop top

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