Keiko Lynn Groves: How to Get Creative with Your Eclectic Style

Raised in South Florida but now living in Brooklyn, New York, Keiko Lynn Groves is known for her eclectic street looks with creative twists such as color blocking, pattern mixing, vintage-inspired, edgy touches, and even girly styles. Keiko likes feminine or romantic details as well as extreme ones such as muted palette, bold color, soft and flowy fabrics, and structured cuts. She also likes to play with different color and texture combinations as well as layering tricks in remixing her clothes. Since she lives in New York City, Keiko’s style reflects all four seasons that always look fabulous because of her unique wardrobe and layering skills. Created her blog in 2008, Keiko documents her daily looks, makeup tutorials, and occasional stories about her life.

cute lace dress

lace shorts with feminine top

Like Keiko, you may start being creative with your style by incorporating some ensembles with eclectic twists. Vintage touches like pussy bow blouses, collared dresses and even feminine details like lace and flouncy fabrics are great. Keiko loves to play with textures like wearing a lace shorts with cotton blouses to make it look creative. Giving contrast to textures is a great way to avoid looking overdone when layering. Wearing high socks or leggings with your shoes or sandals is an eclectic way to be creative with your street looks.

checkered pants with leather jacket denim dress with floral top floral print blazer with black outfit printed scarf with classic outfit

Being creative in your eclectic style means that you can put together unique fashion pieces that on the hanger seem like they wouldn’t go together, but when you put them on, the overall look works. Keiko creatively incorporates prints and patterns with her style so she always looks fabulous even in a head-to-toe neutral outfit. If you’re really into mixing prints, play with their proportions and colors to avoid clashing it too much. You can even wear different types of prints together, like stripes and graphics or florals and polka dots. As long as they have similar color or print elements, they’ll work well together.

colorful jacket with distressed jeans red jacket with classic outfit

Keiko wears lots of neutrals like nudes, whites, blacks, grays, browns and they’ve pretty much become her signature since keeping a wardrobe of neutral shades that go well together means you can always put something new together. Keiko didn’t limit herself to those muted shades but also adds a splash of color to her basic look. If you have a few colorful pieces, you can wear them like Keiko does. Combining different styles in one as well as wearing unusual prints and color combinations showcases your individualistic, creative, and unconventional style. This way, you’re creating a strong fashion statement in a creative and eclectic way.

collared dress with blazer jeans with camel blazer preppy outfit red suit with classic blouse and pants

Keiko has a knack for throwing random pieces of clothing together and creating a look that will make her stand out. She channels her preppy style with the tricks of creative layering for where she can make the simplest outfit look amazing with her styling techniques. Even when she’s just wearing jeans, she adds lots of layers up top to keep her style fresh. However, be careful if you’re petite as layers and details can swallow you and make you look shorter. You may balance it out more with basic garments to achieve a chic look as well as wearing a pair of heels to fix the issue.

bow tie with preppy outfit printed shoes with preppy outfit rattan briefcase with eclectiic outfit ribbon headband with cute outfit silk scarf with casual outfit yellow belt with eclectic outfit

Accessories also can help you create an eclectic look whether they are matched or not. Printed shoes, printed bags, quirky accessories, vintage-inspired accessories, silk scarf, colored footwear, quirky sunglasses, layers of jewelry, and such are great to vamp up your looks. Keiko always adds a cute bag and a fabulous pair of shoes to every ensemble as she knows if they can make or break your outfit.

Let your creativity showcase your innovative style and quirky personality. Like Keiko proves us, “clashes” in your outfits may be the great start to experiment with your clothes. Jest remember that there’s a fine line between eclectic and fashion faux pas, so be sure not to cross it. Be tasteful and creative with your looks and be brave flaunting your eclectic style on the streets.




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