Julia Engel Style: Tweak Your Feminine Side This Summer

When the summer is in full bloom, it’s the best time to be dressed in colorful and floral dresses that complement your femininity. With the amplifying heat, there’s just no room for more layers. Wearing a classy style is the perfect way to stay chic yet comfortable in this summer. And a good thing, there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to the feminine style.

pastel blue blouse julia engel

San Francisco-based Julia Engel is known for her consistently classic and feminine style. Julia started her blog Gal Meets Glam back in 2011 while studying in college. With her playful, classic, feminine and colorful style, we can always count on her in pulling off styles that can be worn anywhere from work to travel and beyond.

painted floral dress julia engel light pink lace dress julia engel pastel blue dress julia engel

Playing with colors and floral prints is an ideal way to have fun with fashion and embrace  the summer. While the bright shades of primary colors indicate summer, the pastel and light shades are delicate and feminine. Soft floral prints and pastel colors give a touch of femininity to warm weather style so you can bring out your feminine charm with every outfit and accessory you wear.

floral pattern summer dress julia engelpastel yellow dress julia engel

Pastels are a great choice if you wish to add a pop of color and femininity to your style. From soft pinks to sorbet blues, wearing pastels give lightness, warmth and elegance to any look. Bright colors such as tangerines, oranges, yellows, and reds – with a hint of pastel – complete the summer shades. Timeless pastel clothes are a great investment since they will never go out of style.

Pastels go great with other pastels. Wearing two or more pastel colors at the same time will give off  a calm, warm, and relaxed look.

yellow floral blouse julia engel pink dress julia engel blue floral print dress julia engel

If you aren’t prepared to go full out with a pastel, mix small pops of color into your attire. Instead of wearing all floral patterns, opt for prints with lighter colors. So you’ll feel comfortable in what you’re wearing but aren’t out of your comfort zone.

On the other hand, mixing darker colors with lighter pastels, and experimenting with new and versatile prints give you more edge and bold fashion statement. Try a navy blue skirt with a lavender colored top, or a subtle yellow skirt with a dark brown top.

floral dress julia engel pastel dress julia engelpeach long dress julia engel

Pastel floral outfits can be worn for almost any occasion and in any skin tones because they make dark skin tones shine and glow light skin tones more. Pastel colors are best to be worn during the day, as they reflect the sunlight, but this does not keep you from wearing them in the evening too.

When choosing your style, cut and tailoring are always an essential starting point. As such, very large floral prints will swamp petite figures by the illusion of patterns while fuller figures should avoid patterns that are very small, as they wouldn’t look good.  You may show off your curves by wearing belts that flatter your figure. Pair them with everything from floral dresses to minis to oversize tops to give shape to a shapeless silhouette and create an hourglass figure.

baby pink dress julia engel floral mixed prints julia engel embroidered flower dress julia engel

Wearing a crop top-and-skirt combination, maxi dress, and shift dress are perfect ways to wear white day or night, smart or casual. If you are wearing pastel clothes, you can also team them with metallic accessories. Pastels look great with metals – since metals are neutral. A touch of metallic will transform a day look to a night-time look. Also, embrace pastels with your accessories such as bags, shoes, and even sunglasses.

By incorporating the spirit of floral and pastel into your look, femininity becomes your ultimate style for summer.



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