Jo Malone – Wild Bluebell fragrance review

Jo Malone – Wild Bluebell cologne review :

Recently I purchased a 30ml bottle of Jo Malone’s newest scent, Wild Bluebell. I’d only tried it once before buying, having spritzed it on my hand at David Jones while out shopping with my mum and sister. I the week following I thought about it frequently and eventually went back for a full bottle. Initially I was drawn in by the mesmerising monochrome ads and the matching lilac-blue velvet ribbon which was tied to all the Wild Bluebell boxes. However, it was how Wild Bluebell made me feel that held my attention after the initial grab.Bluebell is a wild forest flower found in woodland areas of the UK. Its vibrant lilac-blue flowers spread out like a carpet on the forest floor and in the pictures I have seen, it looks truly beautiful. English bluebell is an endangered species and, as such , no bluebell flowers are actually present in the Wild Bluebell composition. Instead, this is an interpretation of bluebell.
The first thing that struck me about Wild Bluebell is how ‘weightless’ it is, there is something so quiet and still, yet uplifting about it. Perhaps this is how Jo Malone sees the English forest, as a peaceful place of beauty and contemplation. If so, this comes out perfectly in Wild Bluebell for it’s gauzy yet crisp florals makes for an ethereal fragrance.Strangely, I get a cooling cucumber vibe from the opening. It feels slightly aquatic and and sweet, just like a juicy piece of cucumber. There is a whisper of sweetness in the background, persimmon is listed in the notes but it could be any sweet, tart fruit. I wouldn’t call this fragrance ‘fruity’ by any means but the fruit note tempers the watery, greenness of the opening and gives Wild Bluebell playful feel.In the heart of the fragrance there is a sparse gathering of dewy florals in the vein Lily of the Valley perhaps with a touch of jasmine. It’s very ‘thin’ as far as the florals are concerned, which normally I dislike, however it really fits the theme here. Wild Bluebell is fleeting thought, a whisper, hazy memory of last night’s dream. It captures you in the subconscious and until it’s light, musky end it makes me feel weightless and free of any problems.

On the muggy days we’ve had frequently this spring, I’ve longed for a refreshing scent to slice through the thick, heavy air. Wild Bluebell does just this. It transports me to a cool place, far away from the noise of the city and the stuffy heat from crowded streets, to a quite place where I can breathe.

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