Jewel Tones Trend: How to Wear Ruby Red

The color of extremes, red is often associated with power, love, seduction, and fury. Its bold color suggests emotional strength, whether very passionate or aggressive. On the other hand, ruby is a stone of nobility and considered the most magnificent of all gems. Ruby’s striking red color is analogous of its energy that is effective for boosting vitality and sensuality. Since the color stood out, dressing in a ruby red motif gives off a sexy, wild, and powerful vibe. Just be mindful in wearing red ensembles in negotiations or confrontations as it evokes fury and danger. But if you want to catch the attention in a sexy and alluring way, wear red!

head to toe red

red skirt

The fiercest and most powerful way of nailing the jewel trend is to wear red from head to toe. You may opt for a solid red top, red skirt, red structured bag, and red shoes all at once. Just play on different textures such as leather, wool, cashmere, lace, cotton, and such to add some interest to your monochrome attire.

lace dress in red printed dress in red red matching separates red maxi dress red mini dress

But if you want to be a head stunner yet not overpowering, then opt for red dresses. Define your outfit theme that you want to create with the dress whether it’s glamorous, classic, or bohemian so you’ll easily pick the right dress style for your fashion preferences. A sheer lace dress or a mini dress made from silk gives off a sexy look while a maxi dress in red evokes boldness and power. If you want to give some feminine punch in a fierce look, then sport some red prints in your dress. Though a red dress is a bold fashion statement already when worn well, it can create a classic and seductive look. Just stick with simple pieces that add a contrast to your style without drawing too much attention. But if you’re not a dress kind of girl, then wear a matching suit and pants in red to keep your classic but bold look.

red blouse red skull blouse tartan blouse

To keep it classic, wear a red silk blouse with a classic striped skirt and heels. But to keep it more punk, you may sport a printed blouse with exotic skull prints like Kristina Bazan’s wearing. Just pair it with denim jeans for a casual feel and some heels for a sexy look. For a Western style, opt for a tartan or paid red blouse instead.

gingham skirt in red red full skirt tartan pants

For a mix of casual and alluring look, sport some casual shirt, sweaters, or basic tee on top of your red skirt. You may opt for a solid full red skirt, a checkered skirt, or even tartan printed pants. Like Kristina Bazan, you could play on textures such as a red leather jacket, cotton blouse, tartan pants, patent leather boots, and a leather bag to keep the fierce look in an interesting way.

red bag in black coat red bag red hat red shoes in nude

If you don’t want to fully commit on a jewel tones trend, then opt for red accessories such as bags, shoes, and even a hat in red color. Since red is a striking color, wearing them with neutrals will give the desired goal for your style as it will avoid clashing with other bold colors.

ruby jewelry ruby necklace

Then, what is a ruby red motif without the essential gemstone ruby? It’s time to spark your sexiness and elegance through necklace with ruby stones as well as earrings, bracelets, and cocktail rings. Gunmetal settings create a tough look while silver and gold settings retain its classic appeal. Remember to keep your accessories subdued as too many red accessories can be an eyesore.

Jewel tones trend is a great way of maximizing your charm and beauty with a ruby red theme. Just be confident in your overpowering color and in no time, you’ll be a show stopper.


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