Jewel Tones Trend: How to Wear Amethyst Purple

Purple, a regal color associated with luxury and royalty, and amethyst as a symbol of nobility and peace, wearing amethyst purple adds royalty and nobility to your style. Ever wondering why of all the colors, purple is considered royal? Because back in the ancient times, the very first purple dyes were taken from 12,000 shellfish just to obtain 1.5 grams of the pure dye that’s only enough for coloring a single item on just the dimensions of the Roman toga. For where the purple dyes were originally used for the clothing of the royal family. So, if you are looking for elegance and some luxury, then partake on the jewel tones trend and wear amethyst purple.

amethyst purple jewelry

purple scarf

For an effortless elegant look, wear some amethyst or purple colored jewelry. Matching set of necklace, bracelets, and earrings look best in a neutral outfit. A gray sequined dress is another safe bet to go with when wearing amethyst jewelry as the dress would serve as a good backdrop for your jewelry to shine. But if you think wearing amethyst jewelry seems too formal for your casual look, wear a purple scarf around your neck instead. This goes well with casual and even a sporty look.

purple heels purple in green

Purple shoes are a great statement too. You may either go on all purple look or go for a monochrome style and let your shoes do the talking. Pastel shades look great with purple for as long as you show off different textures such as knitted top, cotton pants, leather bag, and suede purple shoes. Also, you can punch some fun to your style by wearing funky prints in your accessories and skirt in a pair of shiny purple heels. Just always remember, when wearing the purple amethyst tones, let them stand out by wearing it with muted colors that complement without competing.

jumpsuit purple bag lavender bag

Also, you can nail the jewel tones trend by sporting a purple bag with neutral outfits. Generally, dark neutrals work well with light and dark purple tones. A dark purple bag goes well with a black overall and white top. Also, a light purple bag can be matched with a light purple tank top too. Just wear a neutral skirt and shoes to avoid looking overdone.

purple coat purple dress gold shoes purple gown

Royal motifs such as purple and gold, and purple and silver combinations look elegant and sophisticated. Gold creates a regal look that’s best for warm undertones, and silver highlights purple in cool undertones. If you’re planning on wearing purple for a party, you can wear a purple ball gown or combine the purple dress with gold shoes and jewelry. This look is very elegant, especially if you’re wearing a deep kind of purple. Or, like Chiara, you may wear a purple patent leather coat with glittery silver shoes. The shine keeps going as the patent leather gives off a glossy finish and shoes in sparkling glitters.

leather trousers violet and red pantsfloral top checkered top

Though purple and red color combination may seem odd, red is a very rich color that effectively brings out the best in purple. You may wear purple top and red pants in solid colors to try this look. But if you prefer a muted but edgy style, then sport your purple top with black leather trousers and ankle boots. Also, playing with purple prints are a great way of nailing the jewel tone trend. You may opt for floral, animal, plaids, polka dots, checks, and such to complement your style.

purple skirt purple skirt crop top purple pemlum skirt purple pants

Purple bottoms such as pants and skirts are more versatile as you can wear them with almost any top. Chambray shirt, white top, crop top, and animal print blouse are some of the great tops you can wear with purple skirts and pants.

The jewel tones trend is for everyone and wearing amethyst purple keeps your style elegant, luxurious, and regal in a simple and effortless way.


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