Jeggings vs Jeans: How to Choose What’s Perfect for You

Jeans have always been a closet staple for many of us, men and women alike, and because it’s so easy to style we tend to choose them over most bottoms we have in our closets. Recently, though, a new hybrid between jeans and leggings has come about and they’re called the jeggings. Jeggings are said to give you the best of both worlds by offering the look of jeans and the feel of leggings. If you’re someone who likes wearing both jeans and leggings all the time, the jeggings just might be right up your alley. If you like sticking to classic staples, though, maybe you’ll find that nothing compares to your favorite pair of jeans. So, jeggings vs. jeans: how do you choose what’s perfect for you? Take a look at these points to consider if you’re torn between jeans and jeggings. These might just help you decide which one you should stock up on and invest in for your closet.

  • Timelessness – if you’re looking for a timeless piece that you’re sure will never go out of style, my vote would go to jeans. Jeans have been around for as long as we can all remember which just goes to show that this closet staple didn’t make it to the top of every woman’s fashion must have list for nothing. Go for jeans if you’re trying to build a wardrobe that you can make the most out of all year round or if you’re simply on a budget and need something that will last you a really long time.

jeggings black dark

jeggings maroon color

  • Comfort – while I don’t know many people who have had a problem with being uncomfortable when wearing jeans (except maybe when they don’t fit right), jeggings still win my vote when it comes to comfort. Jeggings just takes comfort to a whole new level. They feel exactly like leggings and we all know how soft and stretchy and light leggings are which is why a lot of us can’t help but wear them as pants though we know the society does not approve.

jeggings and boots jeans black dark wash

  • Storage (pockets) – I don’t really mind not having any pockets on any clothing item at all but I know a lot of people who consider having pockets as one of the selling points when it comes to clothing items. If you’re one of these people I would highly suggest you go for jeans since jeggings don’t really have ‘functional’ pockets. They may look like they have pockets on them but they’re really just for decoration most of the time and if they are open, they’re mostly too small to fit anything but loose change.

jeans colored skinny jeggings outfit cute

  • Stretch – if you’re dealing with frequent weight loss and weight gain, you’ll want something that will stretch and grow with you but would still fit when you lose some. This is where, I think, a pair of jeggings will come in handy. Jeans stretch to about an inch or two but that’s it. Jeggings, on the other hand, can stretch to a full size (from small to medium, medium to large,  etc.) with no problem at all.

jeans distressed outfit jeggings outfit

  • Color and design – another major selling point for a lot of women when deciding between jeans and leggings is the range of color and design choices. This may be a bit of a tie as both jeans and jeggings now come in every print, patterns and color that you can think of.

jeans rolled cuff jeans light wash

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