Achieving the French Cool Girl Style with Jeanne Damas

She is Paris’s very own It Girl, she founded the fashion house Rouje and is considered to be one of the fashion world’s modern style icons. Parisian Jeanne Damas has certainly made a name for herself in the fashion industry. But she is also the epitome of the all famous Cool French Girl style. She is so effortless in achieving this style that many have tried so hard to recreate.

One major thing we have learned about the cool French girl style from Jeanne Damas is that you make use of the dark neutral coors a lot. Navy blue, black, dark red, and other dark neutral hues is the key to create the cool in cool French girl style. And we have also decoded some helpful tips in achieving the cool french girl look with the help of Jeanne Damas’s looks. Here is how you do it.

Blazer + Boots + Jeans = A Sophisticated Casual Outfit

This is, personally, one of my favorite looks by Jeanne Damas. Pairing blazer with a pair of denim jeans would make a casual look. But slipping on a pair of boots tucked underneath your jeans add a sense of sophistication in the overall outfit that a pair of sneakers will not achieve while maintaining that casualness that a pair of pumps would dress up. I like to say that the boots is the cherry on top of this wonderful outfit combination.



Do Not Ignore the Power of a Graphic Tee

Just because you are aiming to achieve a cool French girl look, does not mean you want to ditch using the reliable graphic tee. You want to choose graphic tee with minimal print. Logo shirts are a great example for this. You also want to choose versatile pieces to pair with your graphic tee but also add a little sophistication. This could be with the accessories or the shoes you choose to pare down with it. graphic-tee-jeanne-damaspatterned-pullover-jeanne-damas

Choose the Right Kind of Pattern

Other than fabric, patterned pieces can also add texture to a dominantly dark outfit. But you want to choose the right kind of pattern. Ideally, patterns or prints with a dark background works well. You also don’t want anything neon because it does not look sophisticated and sleek at all.


Add Texture to a Dominantly Dark Outfit

We already know that the cool French girl style make use of dark colors a lot. But this does not mean you can’t use light neutral colors, like white or nude colors. However, if your outfit is dominantly dark, you want to add texture to it like you would in a monochromatic outfit. Texture could come from any kind of particularly textured outfit. Fur, faux or real, is an obviously ideal choice. But for an added sleek, silk, velvet or leather can also do the trick.leather-jogger-pants-jeanne-damasfur-jacket-jeanne-damas

Have a Pop of Color

If you will have an overall neutral outfit, dark and light shades included, you want to add something that will pop out amongst the dominantly neutral and muted colors. To achieve the cool French girl look like Jeanne Damas, you want to make that pop of color subtle and only in one part of your look. This could be in the bag you’ll use or maybe in the jewelry or even through your makeup.


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