Is Working Out … Working Out?

Now that I have a break in between packing for the big move (which is in 11 days now!)
I thought I would do the little updates that I had been promising on my workout routine and how working out has been working out (little play on words for you).
Working out is always a roller coaster – you’ve got your ups and downs at all times. For me, I fluctuate with my weight, and unfortunately I pay attention to every little ounce.
After the holiday’s, I had gained nearly 20 pounds from my lowest weight, and was determined to get that back off and to continue on with my weight loss and training.
I have adapted new work out regimens and ways of making my workouts fit into my schedule. It’s important for me to stay independent with my workouts – I have a whole new appreciation for skipping the gym and taking my workouts to the canal or the park and doing things solely on my own.
Right now, my workout routine consists of running for 30 minutes straight every day. This ends up to be about 3 miles a day, which I think is perfect for me. I am also trying to add in things to help tone and firm the body parts that I have lost some definition in, like my torso and thighs.
Sometimes it’s a learning experience, and sometimes you need to let loose a little, and stop being uptight with losing weight. In the grand scheme of things I have learned to not be crushed over eating a few more calories than I should have. I simply make up for it later.
Some days you just feel like this…
1 eating
Some days you just gotta go for the sandwich 🙂
When I was heavier, I set small goals for myself and each time I attained one, I would make another to push myself even further. First it was to drop ten pounds, then to get under 200 lbs, then 185, 150, and then to win the Gold’s Gym Weight Loss Challenge. Each goal I attained with more and more dedication.
Now I’ve lost the 20 holiday pounds and I’m back at 139, striving for my very last goal, 125.
The number isn’t what is the most important and that’s what a lot of us forget. What’s most important is that we feel good, and we feel proud of ourselves for doing it. It’s a lot of work to obtain the body you want. Even at 115 pounds you may need to work on toning every muscle.
I feel as if weight loss has cost me a few things, I’ve encountered good days and bad, but overall I feel that it is one change that I can be proud of for the rest of my life, and so should everyone else feel the same if you’ve achieved a goal.
So while you’re reading this, I’ll be working on my lunges, and trying to plan some good meals to keep me on the healthy eating track.
Good luck

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