Style Secrets that Guarantee Fabulous Looks Every Time

As fun as it always seems to be, dressing up can be quite a challenge, too, sometimes. You run out of ideas, run out of clothes to wear, run out of fashion inspiration, run out of combinations for whatever you have in your wardrobe or, sometimes, you simply just aren’t up for getting glammed up. Whether you’ve always had an eye for all good things in fashion or you’re someone who keeps struggling every morning for the perfect outfit of the day, I’m sure you’ve had a day or two when you just can’t think of how to dress. Check out these style secrets that guarantee fabulous looks every time, lazy days included.

  • Statement shoes are your saving grace – can’t think of new ways to pull off a cute outfit? Don’t stress yourself. Go ahead and sport that t-shirt and jeans combo you’ve been saving for a lazy day and finish off your outfit with a pair of statement shoes to make up for the lack of dressy details in your outfit. People will be too busy admiring your shoes to notice that you’re wearing something so plain and simple.

metallic gold shoes

sexy strappy shoes studded statement shoes

  • Don’t shy away from maxi dresses – contrary to popular belief, maxi dresses actually work for everyone regardless of their height. It’s not just for tall women so if you’re petite, go ahead and get yourself a cute maxi dress that you can wear on lazy days. Just slip it on and you should be good to go. For fall, wear a sweater or a jacket over your maxi and finish off the outfit with boots instead of flats or sandals to keep your legs and your feet warm.

chic maxi dress floral maxi dress with slit polka maxi dress

  • Confidence is key – whatever it is that you’re wearing, just remember that it will always look way better when you wear it with confidence. I know this sounds cheeky and so cliché but it couldn’t get any truer than this. I mean, how can you expect to look your best when you yourself aren’t sure that you look fab with what you’re wearing, right? So rock that outfit with confidence, ladies, no matter how simple or dressy it is.

fab work outfit hapa time stylish outfit simple and sexy stylish outfit

  • Same clothes + different outfits = new outfit – if you have limited clothes in your wardrobe, don’t fall into the trap of wearing the same outfit over and over again. You don’t have to, really. You can wear the same set of clothes, yes (but try to mix and match as well), but wear them with different accessories. This will give you a whole new look and is the secret to how celebs are able to reuse one outfit and get a different look.

same clothes different accessories one dress diff accessories one dress various styles

  • Classics never fail – remember that classic looks never fail and never go out of style so grab a few pieces that would let you recreate some of your favorite classics and have them ready on days when you just can’t think of anything cute to wear.

classic chic outfit red black and white classic white and tan classic

  • When in doubt, wear black – black is a great go-to color. You can wear an all black outfit and look effortlessly chic or you can mix and match it with brighter colors for a safe classic and chic look. You can also opt to wear a majority of black pieces and throw in a bright pop of color for a trendier look.

black outfit with red accents head to toe black all black outfit

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