Inglot Freedom System Palette review and swatches

Inglot’s Freedom System idea is one of the best palette ideas that I have seen to date. You pay a set price and fill your palette on the spot! There’s no paying for individual colours, no gaps in your palette because it’s to expensive to fill at once (*cough* Mac *cough*) and with a stunning array of colours you’re sure to find something that suits you. The other great thing is that the Freedom System palettes come in a multitude of sizes for different price points and with freedom to combine different types of product. I have already bought another Freedom Palette which features 3 smaller sized eye shadows, a bronzer and a blush for the same price as this one.

Speaking of price this whole palette was a mere $55AUD. Quite a bargain for 6 eye shadows IMO! Inglot palette review

Top row: #46, #399, #450
Bottom row: #501, #402, #53

All the shades are numbered and don’t have shade names, which makes them a little hard to remember as I find numbers don’t tend to stick in my head as easy. So I have put a sticky label on the bottom of the palette and written the numbers on.inglot palette swatches
Inglot eyeshadow palette swatches

#46 is a stunning oyster pink colour. It has a milky slightly yellowed base but is packed with fine pale pink shimmers.
#399 is a pearly, light heather mauve with a subtle silvery sheen. This is a very wearable shade and would look gorgeous with any eye colour.
#450 is the hottie of the group! A rich metallic cranberry red this shade is perfect for green or hazel eyes and is ultra pigmented!
inglot eyeshadow palette test swatches

#501 is a pretty purple toned dove grey with a matte base that has some fine glitter throughout. This shade can look a little muddy but works beautifully when paired with silvers or pearly shades.
#402 is like a grey version of #399 it has the same pearly shine and grey base. For some reason this looks very warm in the swatch pics but it’s cooler toned IRL.
#53 is a deep, aubergine shade in a matte finish with fine multi-coloured glitter throughout. This shade can be a little chalky to apply but blends out really well.

Overall the texture and application of the shadows were excellent, #501 and #53 were a little chalkier than the rest but were still richly pigmented and easily blended. I’ve been super happy with this product especially considering the price; I’ve already recommended the palettes to a few girlfriends who are into makeup.