Inglot Eyeshadows: (MATTES) 328, 390, 344, 337, 357, 349, 342, 360, 363, 329

Inglot ( is a Polish makeup company that recently expanded into North America. Its brand of products has been repeatedly compared to higher end department brands in both their quality and variety but not in their prices.

Inglot Eyeshadows

Their prices, especially when you participate in the Freedom System, are very on par with drugstore prices. Eyeshadows in the freedom system run $5 each and the magnetic palette pricing increases with size.

I have a total of 16 Inglot eyeshadows (10 matte, 2 AMC Shine, 4 Pearls) that I keep in a tin case. This post will concentrate on matte eyeshadows only.

Inglot Eyeshadow

[ Freedom System ]
Inglot eyeshadow singles are $5 for 3.5g (MAC are $15 for 1.5g, NARS are $24 for 2.2g, Urban Decay eyeshadows are $17 for 1.5g). You get a lot of product (more than double the size of most singles) for the little money you spend.
The colors I have are: 328, 390, 344, 337, 357, 349, 342, 360, 363, 329

Pigmentation – ( 5 / 5 )  All these eye shadows are packed with pigmentation which is especially nice since I own a lot of light neutral shades.

Shades( 5 / 5 ) Inglot has a total of 71 matte shades – yes 71! A rarity in any given brand (MAC has 31 matte shades, 6 matte^2 shades).

Texture( 4.5 / 5 )  Velvety smooth with minimal fall out! Matte eye shadows are a tough formulation to master as they tend to be chalky, hard to blend, or have insane fallout for the pigmentation to show (I’m looking at you WetnWild).

Longevity( 5 / 5 )  Lasts all day with an eye shadow base underneath with no creasing.

Overall( 5 / 5 ) Loveeee these matte eyeshadows. I’ve tried Urban Decay matte eyeshadows which everyone raves about, Bobbi Brown matte eyeshadows, WetnWild and Inglot has all those beat! Pigmented, smooth, easy to blend – perfection in a pan!

Repurchase? Definitely!! : )

The shades you need:  390344, 337, 342360

Inglot Eyeshadows Matte
(L-R)  M 328, M 390, M 344, M 337, M 357
Inglot Eyeshadows Swatch
(L-R) M 328, M 390, M 344, M 337, M 357

M 328 (matte warm beige) – Great for browbone or all over the lid. Best suited for light-medium warm skintones.

M 390 (matte cool greyish beige) – Very unique shade; perfect for blending crease shade and bridal looks.
M 344 (matte cool light raspberry-brown) – Another unique shade, adds a nice pop of color to a neutral or smokey eye.
M 337 (matte light warm brown) – Great for all over the lid or blending the crease.
M 357 (matte medium warm brown) – Beautiful for darkening a neutral eye or adding warmth to a smokey eye.
Inglot Eyeshadows1
(L-R) M 349, M 342, M 360, M 363, M 329
Inglot Eyeshadows1 Swatch
(L-R) M 349, M 342, M 360, M 363, M 329

M 349 (matte cool grey) – Typical slate grey shade that I don’t really find a use for.
M 342 (matte cool khaki brown) – Gorgeous, unique color for a neutral eye.
M 360 (matte neutral burgundy brown) – More brown and darker than M344 but very similar.
M 363 (matte cool purple grey) – Unique shade, great for darkening an eye look.
M 329 (matte warm dark brown) – Only matte shadow I don’t recommend – applies unevenly in patches and not so smoothly.

 Individual Swatches

Inglot Eyeshadows M328                                        Inglot Eyeshadows M328 Swatch

                            M 328
Inglot Eyeshadows M390                                           Inglot Eyeshadows M390 Swatch
                         M 390

Inglot Eyeshadows M344                                              Inglot Eyeshadows M344 swatch

                          M 344

Inglot Eyeshadows M337                                           Inglot Eyeshadows M337 swatch

                         M 337

Inglot Eyeshadows M357                                         Inglot Eyeshadows M357 swatch

                       M 357

Inglot Eyeshadows M349                                         Inglot Eyeshadows M349 swatch

                           M 349

Inglot Eyeshadows M342                                       Inglot Eyeshadows M342 swatch

                         M 342

Inglot Eyeshadows M360                                     Inglot Eyeshadows M360 Swatch

                             M 360

Inglot Eyeshadows M363                                        Inglot Eyeshadows M363 Swatch

                          M 363

Inglot Eyeshadows M329                                            Inglot Eyeshadows M329 swatch

                           M 329