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Illamasqua Lipstick in climax and intense lipgloss in move review

This is my review of Illamasqua Lipstick  in climax and Illamasqua intense lipgloss in move   !! Back in Xmas, I visited back the family at the UK.. a relatively short trip really.. but anywho, I took advantage of going back – I ordered some stuff on as they were doing free delivery on EVERYTHING for people in the UK. Now they`ve changed the price to £1.95 for standard delivery, which is still cheap in my opinion. Anyhow, I`ve been wanting to try Illamasqua for a year at least since it`s not even released in Japan.

I must say the swatches sucked on but I just checked their official website and the swatches are much better but still slightly misleading because the lipgloss I was looking for was awfully dark in their swatch and I think it`s much prettier in real life. They might have a heavy swatch, so beware of that.
The intense lipgloss I bought was “Move“, a deep purple.intense lipgloss in move
I never bought a purple lipgloss before and I saw some gorgeous lip swatches on, so I was convinced in buying this colour..intense lipgloss  move swatch
Package: 8/10; Squeezable tube of 7ml, clean and easy to use!
Pigmentation: 10/10; probably the most pigmented gloss I`ve ever worn, I highly recommend this if you`re after a pigmented gloss
Texture: 7/10; not over sticky or drying, unlike MAC
Price: 9/10; for £12.50 pretty reasonable for a 7ml bottle, incomparison with MAC that is £12 for just 4.8ml!
Availability: 6/10; I think its only available in the UK (Selective Selfridges store, internet and Sephora in the US)
Overall: 9/10;.. would be happy to purchase another bottle in another colour – given the chance 🙂

Now for the lipstick in “Climax“, a dusty rose pink, matt finish. illamasqua lipstick climax

Again, the swatch on the was terrible but I had already seen some lip swatches on, so that also helped me to decide the shade. The official website provides a much better swatch of the colour, and it is pretty true to it`s form to what the lipstick looks like. I had never bought a shade like this previously… and I was not disappointed when I opened it… yesterday!! SO pretty!

 illamasqua lipstick climax swatch
Package: 9/10; sleek, black case – can`t go wrong!
Pigmentation: 10/10; probably the most pigmented lipstick I`ve ever worn. A little goes a long, long way! You even want blot it a little!
Texture: 8/10; quite creamy, but gives a matte finish. Gives the lips a polished look and it wasn`t that drying for matte lipstick and as MAC lipsticks can be.
Price: 8/10; for £14.00 is decent for the payoff it gives, in comparison to to paying like £18.50 I think for a YSL Volupte lipstick. Pretty good value… unfortunately, they put the prices up to £15, the value is still pretty good.
Availability: 6/10; I think its only available in the UK (Selective Selfridges store, internet and Sephora in the US)
Overall: 9/10;.. again would be happy to purchase another colour, given the chance!

illamasqua lipstick climax lips

On the lips, dabbed and blended!

Finally, the swatches… p.s the lipstick was a rather light swatch (didnt want to ruin it haha) as was the lipgloss!

I highly recommend Illamasqua for the lip products!! Want to try the blushes at some point. Proud that it came from the UK ^^