How to Wear White from Head to Toe

We all love to wear a good black monochromatic outfit every once in a while, especially when we feel like we could use looking a few pounds lighter and a few inches slimmer around the waist. Wearing white from head to toe, on the other hand, is not something that a lot of us do. A lot of women try to avoid wearing a monochromatic white outfit because to them it either screams summer or labor day or it’s just too plain and bland. If you know how to do it right, though, you can actually sport the look and rock it with ease. If you’re curious on how to wear white from head to toe, check out our styling tops below.

  • Strictly all-white – if you’re serious about wearing white from head to toe, you should complete the look by adding only and strictly white accessories into the mix – from jewelry to purse to shoes. This isn’t something that you’ll see every day on the streets but it sure works if you’re brave and bold enough to create a statement with your all-white outfit.

head to toe white casual

all white outfit

  • With a minimalistic approach – another way to wear white from head to toe and pull it off successfully is to do it with a minimalistic approach. The minimalistic approach is simple and it only requires two things: basic items in your outfit and neutral colors. Add on some blacks, brown and grays to your head to toe white outfit and you’ve got yourself a chic and easy take on the minimalist look. This outfit idea is perfect on days when you just feel like wearing something simple but don’t want to look boring or bland.

white with black accents minimalistic white and neutrals

  • Break it up with a belt – one of the reasons why many women choose to do a monochromatic outfit is because it makes them look both slimmer and taller but if you’re already a woman of towering height and looking a few inches taller is none of your concern and you want to avoid it, you can break up your monochromatic outfit with a belt in a different color. This styling trick will break the line running from head to toe and will cancel out the height boosting effect of a monochromatic outfit.

white dress gold belt brown leather belt

  • Play with textures – if you worry that wearing only one color (in this case, white) from head to toe is going to give you too much of a plain and monotonous look but you don’t want to add other colors into the mix, the next best thing to do is play and experiment with textures. Wear top and bottom pieces made of completely different fabrics with entirely different textures. This will add detail to your outfit, making it more exciting and interesting.

knits and slacks white on white textures

  • With a pop of color – can’t stand an outfit without the least bit of color in it? You can wear an outfit that’s white from head to toe and add a pop of color to make it more fun. You could do the pop of color using accessories, your purse, your shoes or a nice jacket or coat on top of your monochromatic white outfit.

colorful scarf and white outfit

all white outfit and pink hat


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