How to Wear Tweed

Tweed is such a wonderful fabric to sport during fall. It’s warm, it’s cozy and, with the right styling tricks, it’s chic too. I know lots of women who are afraid wear tweed because it’s a little too chunky and stuffy for them but I think it’s totally fab as long as you know how to style your tweed piece. If you’re looking for something new to add to your fall wardrobe this year, why not try out tweed? Here are some tips and ideas on how to wear tweed and look great in it.

  • TWEED TRENCH COAT – if you’re looking for an outerwear that’s sure to keep you warm and cozy on a chilly fall nigh out, a tweed trench coat is sure to get the job done for you. Wear it on top of any outfit to lend it a sophisticated vibe. We all know that the trench coat alone is enough to give any look an air of chic but wearing one in tweed is just going to bring it to a whole new level. What’s great about a tweed trench coat is that you can pair it with something dressy and fancy like a sexy evening dress and it will look great with it but you can also wear it with something as simple and as casual as jeans and a shirt and it’d still look totally awesome.tweed coat

gray tweed coat street style tweed coatcute tweed coat

  • TWEED DRESS – another way to wear tweed is to rock a tweed dress. Now, most tweed dresses will come in the form of a sheath dress which is great for the workplace or for whenever you feel like wearing something with a little bit more structure without going too rigid and framed. A sheath dress, especially one in tweed, is also perfect for when you want something simple but not so that it’s shapeless and formless altogether.

chunky tweed dress cute tweed dress tweed dress and pearls tweed dress tweed sheath dress with built in belt

  • TWEED SUIT – need something new to wear to work to break the monotony of your style cycle? Why not give tweed suits a try? Tweed makes for a great fabric to use on suits because they hold shape and structure well, giving the suit a more polished look. What’s more is that you can always use the pieces included in your suit separately.

classy tweed suit anna wintour tweed suit by oscar de la renta suit outfit in tweed

  • TWEED SHORTS – if you work somewhere with a less stricter dress code and shorts aren’t a big deal as long as they look presentable (that means no frayed, ripped or distressed shorts or pants) then you can definitely wear tweed shorts. Just pair it with a nice top and a blazer and you’re good to go. Tweed shorts always look dressier than other kinds of shorts so they’re perfect for these kinds of workplaces. Of course, you can wear it with your street style and casual outfits as well if you want a more polished look for these.

shorts and thigh high boots matching tweed shorts and blazer pink tweed shorts gold belt and tweed shorts


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