How to Wear the Rainbow Stripes Trend

The cold winter weather usually has us gravitating towards darker colors and with the snow coming in and seeming like it has no intentions to stop, I know these colors are starting to take a toll on many fashionistas. Dark colors can affect your mood and make you feel gloomy and down but with the upcoming trend that is rainbow stripes, there is no need for that. If you’re intrigued about this trend, check out these awesome ideas on how to wear the rainbow stripes trend.

  1. High contrast – make your rainbow stripes pop by having them against a really dark color like navy or black. This high contrast will make for an interesting look that you can wear any time of the year, be it in the warmer days of spring and summer or during the colder months of fall and winter.high contrast outfit with rainbow strpes
    high contrast rainbow stripes dress
  2. Bold and vibrant – another really great way to wear the rainbow stripes trend is to wear it bright and bold. With so many colors to see in a rainbow striped ensemble, it’s easy to make a statement and if that’s what you’re going for, make sure to wear your stripes in bright, bold and vibrant hues.bright rainbow stripes bold and vibrant
  3. With white – now, if you are a little bit intimidated by the rainbow stripes trend and you’re afraid of ending up with an outfit that has too much going on, you can always simply pair up your rainbow striped piece with white. This makes for a clean look that’s super chic and sophisticated.white suit and rainbow stripes white top and rainbow striped skirt
  4. From head to toe – and if you’re feeling a little adventurous and you want to take some fashion risks, you can also try going all out and wearing your rainbow stripes from head to toe. This is rather tricky to pull off but with the right pieces and with the right balance of colors throughout your look, you can do it.accent rainbow stripes accent rainbow stripes on sleeves
  5. As a subtle accent – if you really don’t feel like you can pull off rainbow stripes as the main theme of your look, though, you can start small by wearing it as a subtle accent or a pop of color, if you may, to add a lively vibe to your outfit.
  6. Mixed with classic stripes – another way to wear rainbow stripes with a more toned down vibe is to wear it mixed up with classic black and white stripes for a fun look that’s neither too plain nor too and white classic with rainbow stripes black and white stripes with rainbow stripes



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