How to Wear the Puffed Sleeved Styles

Puffed sleeved styles of jackets, blouses, and dresses are ones with gathers or pleats on the crown of the sleeve at the shoulder point. Depending on the style of puff, your outfit may look whimsical, feminine, and modern so you must select ones that fit your fashion preferences. Though this style of clothing was popular almost a decade ago, you can still wear them in a trendy and feminine way.

collared puffed sleeved dress

pastel blue puff sleeved dress puff sleeved dress with thigh high boots puffed sleeved dress with flat sandals rust puffed sleeved dress

Most styles of puff sleeve are thought of as stereotypically girly and pretty. There are collared dresses with gathers on the crown of the sleeve that were also quite popular in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. The short sleeved styles looked extra puffy because of the rounded shape of the sleeve. However, you may opt for modern styles of puffed sleeves if you think they’re not chic and sophisticated look for a grown-up. There are styles with narrower and tight fitting sleeves that look more playful and less whimsical than regular rounded puffed sleeves.

puffed sleeved blazer with black skirt puffed sleeved blouse with high rise maxi skirt puffed sleeved blouse with pencil skirt puffed sleeved blouse with preppy skirt

Pairing your puffed sleeved blouses with more structured and fitting skirts can balance the rounded silhouette of your outfit. If the shoulder seams are set in closer towards the neck, then the style can work for broader shoulders because the shoulder merely fills out the puff section of the sleeve. To some this adds up to a style that is overly juvenile, twee, precious and frilly. Wearing your puff sleeved blouses with voluminous maxi skirt will also balance the puffy look of your top. So, feel free to mix and match the ensembles that look perfect on you.

puffed sleeved top with skinny pants puffed sleeved blazer with cropped jeans floral outfit with cute clutch culottes with puffed sleeved top

To add some edginess to your too feminine top, wear your puffed sleeved top with pants. Skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, and straight leg trousers are great to match with you top to make them look proportional and balanced, though dressy culottes, palazzo pants, and flared pants can still be your option as long as you create a defined waistline to balance the voluminous structure of your outfit. Just polish your looks with stylish footwear like a pair of chunky heels for heavy thighs and calves, and stiletto pumps and sandals for slim and lean women.

puffed sleeved suit with dressy shorts puffed sleeved coat with urban chic outfit puffed sleeved blazer with brightly colored pants puffed sleeved blazer with printed pants puffed sleeved blazer with skinny pants

Some love the silhouette of puffed sleeved outerwear because it looks more creative, arty, interesting, feminine and whimsical than a typical blazer. If you’re pear-shaped or have narrow shoulders, opt for puffed sleeved coats, jackets, and blazers since the volume of the puff extends the line of your shoulders, thereby creating a visual balance between the top and bottom parts of your body. Also, the visual effect of the pleated crown is more architectural, subtle, and less frilly that you may go for. Indeed, looking stylish and modern in puffed sleeved styles lies in your creative combination of your outfits, and styling them in perfect proportions that suit your shape.

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