How to Wear the Preppy Look with a Grown Up Vibe

The preppy look has been a favorite for quite a lot of fashionistas for quite some time now and we’re not surprised. This look is super chic and it gives you that instant fun and youthful vibe. It’s one of those looks that you can wear all year round without any worries because it’s fully customizable and the pieces you need to get the look are super versatile. The preppy look is something that would remind you of your days back in school. In fact, it may have been the look / style of your choice back then. With mostly pleated skirts and plaids as well as button ups and sweaters layered over one other making up this look, it’s so easy to look like you’re headed back for school when doing the preppy style. If you’re a fan of the preppy look but don’t like the whole ‘school girl’ vibe that it gives, check out these tips on how to wear the preppy look with a grown up vibe.

  • Wear stylish sweaters – instead of reaching for the plainest sweater you have in your closet, go for the more chic and stylish one instead. A graphic or patterned sweater is great if you want to keep the youthful vibe going but choose grown up prints like stripes and florals to keep it from looking to juvenile. If you want to skip that ‘young, wild and free’ kind of look all together, choose minimalist prints like monograms for an added street style chic vibe.

preppy polka dot sweater

plain black sweater

  • Menswear inspired blazers – the conventional preppy look always calls for a blazer and often you’ll see that the blazer of choice is often one with an embossed pocket that’s reminiscent of a school uniform jacket. To give this a more grown up twist, go for menswear inspired blazers instead. Choose the boxy ones that fit like a slouchy tuxedo jacket and avoid those with pockets. Wear it with jeans for a summery look or with tailored trousers for a more polished overall result.

oversized gray blazer leather sleeved blzer

  • Sport collared shirts – collared shirts have always had that preppy look in them and if you’re looking for a more mature way to sport the look, you can add a collared shirt underneath a sweater for a cool and preppy look. on a hot summer day, you can wear your collared shirt on its own tucked into a midi skirt for a chic and feminine vibe. You can also pop your collar if you want to get that cool and urban vibe going with your preppy look.

plain white collared shirt preppy collared outfit

  • Stripes – we all know that striped items are a must have in any grown woman’s wardrobe but did you know that more than being just a closet staple, striped pieces are also essential in achieving a more grown up preppy vibe? Plaids are the most common print of choice when sporting the preppy look but stripes work just as well and it gives your preppy look a much more grown up look as well.

striped preppy sweater] navy white and chambray

  • Lace up shoes, no socks – any kind of lace up shoes, from wingtips to brogues and everything else in between, are essential for working the preppy look. The plain black and tan varieties are very reminiscent of school shoes so opt for metallics and bright colors when choosing a pair to wear. Also, ditch the socks and wear your lace up shoes without them. it’s much more grown up, less school girl-ish that way.

studded oxford outfit metallic lace up shoes


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