How to Wear the Military Trend This Summer

Functional and androgynous, the military trend keeps coming back as its “olive drab” shade looks so versatile and rich. The style began during World War II where civilians took to wearing government-issue trench coats as everyday outerwear, while in the Vietnam era, young people in the antiwar movement appropriated fatigues—camouflage, army jackets, cargo pants—as symbols of protest until they became a fashionable trend in our modern times. So, keep on reading on how to wear the military trend this summer.

Style your military jumpsuits in your own way.

military jumpsuit with black top

plunging military jumpsuit military jumpsuit with white classic pumps military jumpsuit with red belt military jumpsuit with nude mules

Military jumpsuits are edgy and androgynous, so it’s up to you whether to make them a bit chic or cool. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldridge, you may wear a vintage belt to your jumpsuit to add some iconic look to your edgy piece. Or, dress them up with a pair of classic pumps and a structured bag. Also, you can channel your daring and sexy vibe by lowering your neckline. Going for a jogger-style of jumpsuit will give you some sporty cool yet edgy summer look.

Top your summer dresses with military jackets.

floral dress with military jacket military jacket with white dress military jacket with orange dress military jacket with chiffon maxi dress and chain necklace maxi dress with military vest lace dress with military blazer and baseball cap

If you feel too dressy on your summer dresses, or simply want to add some edge to your summer style, top your outfits with military jackets. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, contrast your floral print dress with an edgy jacket to give some flair to your summer outfit, or simply top your lace dress with a military jacket and add a sporty spin with a baseball cap. Or, simply tame your brightly-colored dress with a camouflage print jacket that will make your summer looks trendy and edgy.

Trade your basic ensembles with military-inspired pieces.

camouflage print pants with chic top summer whites with camouflage print jacket slip on sandals with military pants and crop top ripped jeans with military jacket military chic outfit with white canvas sneakers

Remember, it’s an outfit, not a uniform so look for details like cargo pockets, epaulets, and insignias but avoid too many at once. You want to look contemporary, not literal. You may trade your basic ensembles like denim jeans, chic blazer, casual skirts, straight-leg pants, and sexy shorts to military-inspired pieces. Like fashion blogger Kim Jones, trade your favorite boyfriend jeans with a pair of military pants that will look effortlessly cool with slip on sandals and crop tops.

Incorporate military-inspired accessories to your summer look.

camo pants with knitted top olive green and camel outfit edgy military boots with chic outfit

Incorporate the military-inspired accessories to your summer looks. Though a military hat can’t replace a sun hat in the summer season, you may still go for peep-toe sandals, military bag, satchel bags and such that will give you some hint of the military trend. Also, stick with the military colors and camouflage prints to keep your style bold and edgy.

Go for the military shade to keep your summer looks chic.

olive green turtleneck top with white skirt olive green paper bag waist skirt with black tank top olive green office outfit with blazer olive green matching set layered necklace with military blazer and leather leggings

If you’re heading to the office or formal party that won’t make the military trend appropriate, simply go for the olive green shade that will do the tricks for you. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, opt for an olive green top to wear with your breezy skirt or olive green matching set topped with a chic blazer that will make your summer looks trendy yet office-appropriate. This way, you’ll be able to wear the military trend in the summer without looking inappropriate to your formal occasions.

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