How to Wear Sweatpants Fashionably

For the longest time, sweatpants have only been worn at home – or at the gym. But with the progression of fashion views and what not, these athletic pants have been inaugurated as the new fashionable pieces for every woman. Make the most out of these comfy pants by reading these tips on how to wear sweatpants fashionably:

Polish It

If your usual trousers and pencil skirts are boring you to tears, then you will benefit from these tips on how to wear sweatpants fashionably. Trade these tedious office wears for the sporty, comfortable bottom that is the sweatpants. Make the look office-appropriate by throwing on a blazer or coat and wearing it with sexy black pumps.

sweatpants for work

brown blazer and sweatpants

Mix High and Low

Mixing high and low is the answer to the perennial question ‘how to wear sweatpants fashionably?’ Since sweatpants are undoubtedly casual, they should be paired with sophisticated and dressier items. You really don’t have to go all out with the blouse (especially this scorching summer,) as a simple tank top and a pair of strappy heels would do.

black top and sweatpants white tank and sweatpants

Remain Casual

While sweatpants can be worn to the office and after-dinner drinks, it is best worn during shopping days, errands, and other dressed-down events. So if you are planning to look stunning in sweatpants, then here are some tips on how to wear sweatpants fashionably.

For one, the best topper for sweatpants remains to be the casual tee. Throw on a pair of sneaks and a baseball cap for a sporty look that’s worthy of fashion magazines.

gray tee and sweatpants black tee and sweatpants

Show your Tummy

This summer is particularly sweaty, hence the need for sweatpants. But even if you are very comfortable with these bottoms, you don’t have to forsake your over-all style. Get rid of the summer heat by wearing a sexy crop top, as it one of the best ways on how to wear sweatpants fashionably.

rihanna crop top and sweatpants black crop top and sweat pants

Dress in Denim

A good way how to wear sweatpants fashionably is to deck it with denim. After all, style is all about mixing different designs and textures. Whether it’s a denim top or jacket, you can’t go wrong with this dynamic pairing.

denim jacket and sweatpants denim button down and sweatpants

Be Active in Athleisure

Yes, sweatpants can be worn glamorously – but do remember that they were made for athletic purposes. So if you want to look beautiful at the gym, then mind these tips on how to wear sweatpants fashionably. Remember: athleisure is all the rage nowadays so you should channel this style for your sweatpants outfit.

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