How to Wear the Suede Trend

Soft, luxurious, and versatile, suede is a trend that keeps coming back dominating the runways and street styles again. Though suede infusion to your style might be intimidating at first, pairing your subtle suede pieces with your everyday essentials create a sleek, current look. A great thing, suede pieces are not only exclusive in earthy hues anymore as a variety of colors starting from the brightest ones or pastels to every combination in-between are now widely available into everything from skirts to accessories, without losing its appeal. Keep on reading for styling ideas on how to wear the suede trend.

gray boots with gray outfit

suede boots and bag with fur coat suede chunky heels with feminine outfit suede knee high boots with classic outfit suede shoes with monochrome outfit suede hat and boots with black dress

If it feels too seventies wearing suede for you, you may take small steps through wearing suede accessories with your typical everyday outfit. You may think of suede hats, suede bags, suede belts, and even suede boots that can easily spice up your looks in an instant. Wearing a pair of suede boots with your monochrome outfit instantly give some interest and texture while wearing a pair of blue pumps with neutral outfit adds a pop of color without looking overdone. Also, pairing thigh-high suede boots with dresses is a no-brainer. You can even channel your bohemian vibe if you go for boho-inspired dresses with suede boots.

pink jacket with all black outfit suede jacket with casual outfit suede jacket with dress suede jacket with jeans suede jacket with white pants suede tank top with feminine skirt

Though black and brown are the traditional shades of suede jackets, you may now go for bolder shades like red, blue, pink, purple, green, and even green. If you’re into both fringe and suede, you’re in luck as the two trends blend seamlessly to reveal fringe jackets with a vintage flavor. It’s an effortless way to channel your 70s vibe without looking outdated. Though light shades of suede jackets work best with dark tops and dresses, you may even go for printed ones for an artistic statement. Also, suede tank tops and suede feminine tops are great alternatives to your typical basic tee and cotton tank. The classic shade of your jacket and its texture simply makes a statement even you’re just wearing them with denim jeans.

chambray shirt with suede skirt patchwork skirt with blue top suede skirt with edgy top suede skirt with lace top

Suede skirts with fringes and buttons in front are known staples in the 70s. But you can still modernize them by wearing those skirts with modern tops. Sexy tops like sheer blouses, lace tops, tank tops, off-shoulder tops, crop tops and classic tops like turtlenecks, sweaters, button-down shirts and such are great for balancing the 70s vibe. You may also toughen up your look with a leather jacket and leather boots.

suede dress with stylish shoes brown suede dress with cute footwear

If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for a suede dress in channeling your feminine vibe. If you don’t like to resemble the 70s fashion style, simply opt for suede dresses with modern touches like embellished designs, beads, jewels and such. Or if you like, just wear modern jewelry with them to keep your looks chic and polished.

suede pants with classic outfit suede jacket and pants suede pants with green coat

Suede pants are a great alternative to your casual denim jeans and edgy leather trousers. You may go for a flared style for a more bohemian vibe or go for a skinny fit for a more modern approach. Either way, you’ll look fashionable and artistic in a simple and effortless way.


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