How to Wear Socks with Heels

Though wearing socks with heels known to be a fashion faux pas, breaking these rules from time to time seems a creative and stylish way to channel your fashion vibe. Looking for stylish ways for socks to make a difference in your style? Keep on reading for style guidelines on how to wear socks with heels.

army jacket with socks-and-heels

casual outfit with socks-and-heels denim dress with socks-and-heels

Since socks go well with sneakers and trainers that give off a laid-back vibe, why not make use of them to make your typical casual outfit cool and fresh? Think of your usual casual wear like denim jeans and tee, denim shorts and a chambray shirt, army jacket with walking shorts and such that can be complemented by your socks and heels statement. If you feel classic pumps and sandals too formal for your street wear, then wear socks with them to make it cool and intentional.

all black outfit with socks-and-heels black outfit with socks-and-heels borrowed from boys style with socks-and-heels

Another trick to make your style intentional rather than a fashion faux pas, wear them with edgy and statement-making styles like a borrowed-from-boys fashion or tomboy style. You may sport a boxy suit, jacket, or even a tuxedo to make it look stylish. When opting for footwear, loafers, oxfords, and brogues are your best choice. Just go for ones with higher heels than the typical flat ones. Blend with the color of your socks with the color of your shoes to avoid looking over-the-top.

colorful outfit with socks-and-heels cute watercolor print dress with socks-and-heels quirky skirt with socks-and-heels

Once you’ve become accustomed to the feel of a socks-and-heels combo, it’s time to push the limits by moving along into quirky territory and go crazy! You may wear quirky socks and shoes combo by picking different contrasting shades, or wear a quirky ensemble in your outfit like a skirt, blouse, dress, or even accessories. Just remember that when wearing statement-making socks and shoes combination, play it safe with the rest of your outfit by keeping it sleek and polished as possible letting your feet do all the talking. On the other hand, when wearing quirky outfits, better opt for a neutral combination of your socks-and-shoes to balance it out.

arty outfit with socks-and-heels arty style with socks-and-heels puffer coat with socks-and-heels schoolgirl style with socks-and-heels printed dress and shirt with socks-and-heels

Arty style gives off that “school girl” vibe that go well with your socks and heels statement. Think of collared blouses, varsity jackets, button down shirts, pleated skirts, cardigan, blazer, shorts and such than can look complementing with the creative look you’re trying to make. Feel free to add a pop of shade with your socks, or even go for a classic print to make it more fashionable.

collared shirt snd skirt with socks-and-heels vintage outfit with socks-and-heels feminine dress with socks-and-heels floral dress with socks-and-heels

For a chic look, go for neutral combinations on your socks and heels like black-and-nude, gray-and-black, brown-and-gray, or black-and-white. Wear them with elegant button-up shirts, fitted blouses, feminine tops, or even dresses with creative prints and happy colors.

sophisticated outfit with socks-and-heels cute outfit with socks-and-heels checkered dress  with socks-and-heels red coat with socks-and-heels

If you love a sophisticated look, but unsure about how well it would go with a pair of socks and heels, ease yourself by going monochromatic on your feet. Black sock with black shoes, gray socks with gray shoes, white socks with white shoes, and nude socks with nude shoes are all great combinations that will keep you polished and clean. Don’t go overboard with the colors as all you need is some sheer socks that’ll add a subtle touch of glam to your look. Keep the rest of your outfit light and uncomplicated like wearing a black-and-white checkered dress with a pair of black socks-and-shoes or wearing a neutral outfit with a pair of nude socks and shoes. And, if everything is rather monochromatic, bring in a punch of color in the shape of a belt, a brooch or a hat to break up the look.



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