How to Wear Sexy Side Buns

An Easy Guide to Wearing Another Type Of Bun

Sidebuns are classic ways to do your hair worn mostly by brides, models, and actresses on the red carpet. In the past times, it became such a hit that even women nowadays are also digging it. It is one type of the vintage bun hairstyle which everyday women and hairstylists like to play and upgrade. With braids or with curls,  They also like to decorate it with bands and pins. Bangs and curls are also employed on side buns for a better and brisk effect. There is no dearth of variety. A side bun is inimitable and looks elegant and cute at the same time.

  • Make sure hair isn’t wet. Hairdry if you must.
  • If your hair isn’t naturally curly, curl it up and gather to one side for a ponytail.
  • Brush or comb hair back in small portions for more volume.
  • Group every piece that you’ve brushed back and pin them in place. Do this until you get a balanced bun. If you’ve got bangs, also pin them with the bun. There you have it- a side bun.

Prefer braided side buns?




You can also choose if you like them messy or prim-and-proper. For messy, the more freestyle it looks the better. Most side bun hairstyles are more stylish when looking effortlessly done.

sidebun1 (2)



For more sidebun inspiration, we came up with samples that you might just want.

Want it neatly done? Polish hair and wear it up. Bobby pin everything in place. make sure there isn’t a single loose strand.




Messy can look elegant too. It isn’t only limited to the laid back outdoor places anymore. Many stars wear messy updos at red carpet events.









For a full-shaped bun, you can curl the hair partly from the shaft and pin the curls into a bun. Tease portions of the hair if you want a bigger bun.









Young, old, blonde, brunette or redhead- it doesn’t matter. you can fix your hair or have it fixed with a sidebun if the occasion or outfit calls for it. You may do a freestyle step by simply gathering hair to the side, twisting it, and pinning it into shape.