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How to Wear Pom Pom Sandals This Summer

If you’re looking for a fun way to add some flair to your summer outfits, think of the pom pom sandals. It’s filled with just the kind of whimsy we like, cheery, and colorful that’s perfect for music festival and risque fashion choices. So, keep on reading for fashion-forward ways on wearing them this summer.

Add some pop to your neutral outfits with pom pom sandals.

pom pom sandals with white top and jeans

white matching set with pom pom sandals

If your wardrobe consists of neutral colored outfits, make them work in the summer by teaming them with pom pom sandals. If you’re heading to a casual workplace, a button-down shirt teamed with black skinny jeans can look creative with a pair of pom pom sandals with closed toe. On your party outfits, make your summer whites vibrant with a pair of pom pom sandals in lace up style.

Wear your colorful sandals with brightly-colored outfits.

yellow top with brown shorts and pom pom sandals white shorts with pink top and pom pom sandals pom pom sandals with cold shoulder dress pink dress and denim jacket with pom pom sandals

Since summer is all about wearing punchy colors and vibrant shades, make your bold outfits pop with pom pom sandals. Think of neon yellow, lime green, hot pink, bold red, and orange colors that can be seen on the pom pom sandals that will surely look great on your outfits. This way, you’ll create a cohesive look without losing that whimsy look.

Make your breezy chic outfits more colorful with pom pom sandals.

embroidered chambray dress with pom pom sandals striped dress with pom pom sandals striped dress with with pom pom sandals

If you’re a fan of breezy dresses, summer striped outfits, and chambray dresses, pom pom sandals can be stylish and functional enough to flatter your theme. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, complete your outfit with a hat and a sling bag that can look effortless enough in the summer heat.

Modernize your vintage dresses with pom pom sandals.

off shoulder gingham dress with pom pom sandals vintage dress with with pom pom sandals pom poms sandals with boho dress

If you’re a fan of vintage dresses with gingham prints and classic stripes, think of a pair of pom pom sandals that can refresh your look. A gingham print off shoulder dress screams vintage while a pair of colorful pom pom sandals looks whimsy that can do the tricks for you. Perfect for summer parties, summer weddings, and garden parties, pom pom sandals are great for giving you a breezy chic vintage look.

Create a cohesive look by complementing your colorful sandals with other accessories.

colorful bag with pom pom sandals off shoulder chambray dress with pom pom sandals gingham dress with pom pom sandals and pink bag vintage off shoulder dress with pom pom sandals

If you wish to create a cohesive look, team your pom pom sandals with vibrant accessories. You may go for pom pom details on your bag, scarf, or even a hat just to complete your theme, or simply opt for a brightly colored bag that will blend in with your cheery theme.

Dress up your denim jeans with pom pom sandals.

ripped jeans with pom pom sandals and chic top pom pom sandals with lace top and jeans jeans with pompom top and sandals

If you’re a fan of jeans, try to make them more interesting with a pair of pom pom sandals that will add some colors to your outfit. Just team your casual pants with a free-flowing and loose top to channel some carefree vibe. Indeed, pom pom sandals are a must-have this summer to give you that whimsy, eclectic, and trendy looks.