How to Wear Pantsuits for Spring

Pantsuits used to be the ultimate outfit to wear if you wanted to look sophisticated and polish but that’s not just all that they’re good for anymore today. The pantsuit has risen in popularity over the last few years and it has now become more of a fashion statement as well. It’s a great outfit to wear if you want to look chic and sophisticated and a little more dressed up compared to your everyday street style look. If you love wearing pantsuits, check out these tips and ideas on how to wear them for the season.

  1. Opt for lighter colors – stark black and white suits are great for the workplace but if you’re wearing your pantsuit for a street style look, it’s best to opt for lighter colors. Light neutrals are great but don’t be afraid to venture out to more fun hues like pastel and baby shades.neutral suit
    white pantsuit for spring
  2. Try bright colors – if you’re feeling a little bolder and more adventurous, you can venture out to brighter and more vibrant colors, too. A hot pink pantsuit would make a really chic fashion statement and so would any other bright, vibrant color on your pantsuit.bright yellow suit wide legged pant bright green pantsuit skinny fit
  3. Look for printed pantsuits – wearing printed pantsuits is another way to bring more personality into your look. Printed pantsuits may be a little tricky to pull off at the workplace, especially if you’re working in a rather corporate setting, but it’s super easy to get away with if you wear it as your everyday street style look.printed fun suit aimee song printed stripe suit
  4. Create interesting color combinations – just because you’re wearing a pantsuit doesn’t mean you have to go with a monochromatic theme all the time. Try creating an interesting color combination within your look to make pantsuits more lively and spring-friendly.color combination for pantsuit color combination with yellow pantsuit
  5. Wear a mismatched suit – if you think pantsuits are a little too dressy and posh, you can always get a dressed down look that’s more laidback and casual by wearing them mismatched. This is a great way to create new looks with pantsuits that you’ve worn before, too.mismatched pantsuit outfit mismatched pantsuit and jacket
  6. Give pajama suits a shot – pajama dressing has been quite the trend recently and if you’re looking for a more dressed down alternative to the traditional pantsuit, this is one of your best bets. Look for one with sharp details to avoid looking like you actually just rolled out of bed. It helps tremendously, too, if you put effort into your hair and makeup.pajama animal print pantsuit pajama style suit red carpet
  7. Add a trendy twist – adding a trendy twist to your pantsuit outfit can help give it more of a relaxed vibe. Wear a crop top underneath that jacket, try cropped pants, pair it with trendy shoes – these are just some of the ways to add a trendy twist to your pantsuit.trendy pantsuit style vanessa hudgens trendy pantsuit outfit for spring



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