How to Wear Pajama Shorts Outdoors

“Pajama shorts outside the house?! You must be crazy!” This is perhaps the first thing that popped in your head when you read the title and I don’t blame you. I, too, was surprised to see women starting to wear their pajama shorts (and even pajama pants) with dressy tops. In all fairness, though, this trend is actually quite chic. I love how wearing pajama pants with fancy tops makes the look very laidback and casual. If you’re curious about whether you can pull this trend off or not, I say why not give it a go? Check out these tips on how to wear pajama shorts outdoors, create your own look and see how you like it. It’s definitely tricky but you don’t have to actually step out of the house if you end up not liking it (we don’t advise you to push it either) but if you do end up loving the look, go ahead and proudly march out that door!

  • Avoid lace – so you like to live fancy sleeping in lace pajamas and all. If you want to wear pajama shorts outside your bedroom (and your house), though, you might want to forgo those lace pajamas and go for something that offers more coverage instead. You don’t want your outfit to lean too much on the boudoir side. You still want to end up with an outfit that’s appropriate, especially because you know other people will see it.

blue and green polka dots

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  • Go for silk – one of the most important things to remember about wearing pajama shorts outdoors is that you’ll want it to look like you intentionally and purposefully chose the bottoms you end up wearing and not as if you had to rush from your bedroom to the boardroom that you forgot to put proper pants on. With this being said, you’ll want to choose fabrics that are rather chic like silk and not too casual like cotton or jersey.

silk blouse and pajama shortspijama shorts outfit pajama shorts with pockets

  • Tip for accessorizing – when wearing pajama shorts outdoors, don’t forget to accessorize! When accessorizing, the main thing to remember while picking accessories is that your goal is to deviate from the pajama / bedroom theme. Wear heels or wedges to make your outfit look more polished. Avoid wearing ballet flats since they look similar to bedroom slippers. Choose a leather bag over a canvass tote and don’t forget to wear jewelry, too.

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  • Don’t wear a full pajama set – you may have seen mismatched pajama sets work on Pinterest and on magazines but that kind of outfit takes a lot of sass to pull off so just leave them street style stars and wear one piece at a time instead (in this case, it’s pajama shorts).

eyelet pajama shorts scalloped pajama shorts

  • When in doubt – when in doubt as to what top to wear with your pajama shorts, turn to a white top. Choose something dressier than just a plain white t-shirt, though, so that you don’t end up looking like you literally dashed out of bed to wherever it is that you’re going. A white button up, for example, is great for adding a polished look to your outfit.

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