How to Wear Nude-Colored Clothing without Looking Naked

Keeping with this year’s nude-colored clothing is expected to be a big hit both this season and next. Nude is a delightful alternative to white, a refreshing option to the all-black look, and more fashion-forward than a boring beige. And, choosing the right shade and style of your nude-colored clothing is vital as if you make the wrong choice, you will look like you’re wearing nothing at all. Wondering how to pull off nude-colored clothing without looking naked? Keep on scrolling to scoop some tricks.

all white outfit with nude heels

nude dress for dark skinned woman nude heels with classic outfit nude pumps with casual outfit nude shoes with all black outfit

When it comes to foundation, you want to find a shade that seamlessly blends in with your skin. But when opting for nude-colored clothing, don’t try to match your skin color with nude clothing exactly but instead go for some contrast between the clothes and skin tone. Or else, you’ll look like wearing nothing at all. Nude-toned clothing isn’t limited to one color as it can range from soft ivories to deep browns. Black or dark skinned women look fabulous in basically all caucasian nudes while flesh tone outfits in nudes, beige, and pastels look great on pale undertones. However, nude shoes tend to be an exception since it elongates your legs serving as the extension of your ankles. And, a great thing, nude shoes will never “wash you out.”

flared dress pants with classic top loose top with dress pants nude dress pants with loose topnude dress with black clutch

When it comes to nude-clothing, make sure they’re not too tight as body-hugging silhouettes look like another layer of skin, which isn’t flattering. Get some loose silhouette and they should drape and float away from the body. No one is going to mistake a breezy skirt or a boxy top for exposed body parts. Remember that nude skinny pants are not cool. It will just look like you left your pants at home and it’s not stylish or interesting even if your pants have texture.

nude lace romper nude lace dress

Nudes are very delicate, adding that soft and ethereal quality to any look and it’s a new way to accentuate femininity. Think about texture and embellishment for a subtle yet elegant and classy look. Lace, ruffles, beadings, sparkles, tassels or whatever decoration you want could help in making a flesh-toned dress appear less nude. A nude dress in any structured, strong or textured fabric is a great addition to your wardrobe. Lace combined with nude is one of the sexiest looks a woman can wear but keep the romantic and a little flirty shade to a romantic date, and not when you’re shopping.

nude skirt with white shirt nude dress with striped ballet flats beige top with nude shorts

Some skin must be shown when wearing nude-colored clothing just to create some contrast between your actual skin and your outfit. This does not necessarily have to be much as it can be some bit of legs or arms and also to prevent it from appearing as you’re wearing a long-sleeved bodystocking. A head-to-toe nude look is classic, but you can still participate in the trend by only wearing one piece. A nude tank is an essential wardrobe item to wear underneath your sheer clothing.

black dress with nude coat green cashmere jacket with nude skirt white top with nude jacket and skirt

Because nude colors tend to wash out some skin tones, you may layer a contrasting color over your flesh-toned pieces or vice versa. If you’re uncertain whether the nude-clothing you picked enhances your skin’s undertone or just washes you out, then layer a jacket, vest, coat, or cardigan in a different color over your nude pieces. You may also mix nudes with black and darker neutral tones like brown or navy. You may also choose a nude top or a skirt and pair it with a contrasting neutral such as white or bright colors.


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