How to Wear Loafers

Loafers make great alternatives for flats. They’re just as comfy and easy to wear but they’re a little less girly and feminine. If you’re looking for something that you can wear with just about anything and everything you have in your closet, a loafer may just be what you need. They’re quite versatile and can be worn with many looks. Here are some ideas on how to wear loafers.


  • Neutral – if menswear inspired items are not your thing, you may find wearing something ‘borrowed from the boys’ rather challenging. The best way to get started on wearing a tricky trend is to wear it in neutral color. This way, you can still mix and match it with the rest of what you have in your closet, no matter if you’re going all out on doing the new trend or just using a piece as an addition to a certain look.

neutral leather loafers

neutral white loafers with buckle neutral black loafers


  • Office chic – another great use that you can get out of a pair of nice loafers is that you can use them with your office outfits for a more comfy outfit. Ditch your heels for a day or two and wear loafers instead with your suits and trousers.

trousers and loafers loafers for the office office outfit with loafers


  • Casual with skinny jeans – loafers have a rather low key and simple look and silhouette so getting them to be noticed can be a real challenge. To make sure that your loafers aren’t overshadowed by anything, go for bottoms that aren’t too overwhelming. Something with a slim silhouette can really help make your loafers stand out. This combo makes a great casual outfit, too.

skinny jeans and cap toe loafers skinny jeans and red loafers skinny jeans polka dot loafers


  • Printed – speaking of getting your loafers noticed by the eye, one way to really make your loafers pop is to wear a pair that’s printed. Choose a print

floral loafers outfit striped loafers outfit printed loafers outfit


  • Girly with a hint of tomboy – sometimes, just because you’re wearing a skirt doesn’t mean you want to look girly but you end up looking so when you wear heels or even ballerina flats with your outfit. If you want to achieve a neutral, balanced look, you can wear loafers with skirts instead. You still get to have that feminine look about you without the outfit looking too sweet or dainty.

skirt and tan loafers skirts and loafers outfit full skirt and loafers


  • Gorgeous androgynous – want to go for a more androgynous look? Try wearing your loafers with some cropped pants and a plain top with a simple and straightforward silhouette. This will give you a look that’s not girly and sweet nor masculine or tomboyish.

cropped pants and loafers dark androgynous look androgynous outfit


  • Retro-inspired – for a cute retro-inspired look like what Taylor Swift pulls off all the time, you can wear your loafers with a shirt dress. It would be much better if you can get your hands on a shirt dress with an A-line silhouette as that amps up the retro vibe even more. Leather loafers work best for this look.


striped dress and loafers plaid shirt dress and heeled loafer dress and loafers

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