How to Wear High-Waist Shorts

After enduring low-rise shorts for so long, their chic high-rise cousin, high-waist shorts became a trendy alternative that draws attention to the waistline and the bust making the wearer look slimmer and leaner. From worn-denim casual looks to smartly-tailored pieces, there are countless ways to incorporate high-waist shorts into your street style wardrobe. Let’s take a look at the best ways to wear them, shall we?

ballet flats with high waist shorts and tank top dressy top with high waist shorts high waist shorts with printed blazer high waist shorts with white top

neutral outfit with sneakers

Even though it may seem like all high-waist shorts are created equal, this is not the case at all. Since your body is different from your friend’s body, try out a bunch of brands to help you find the best style and cut for you. Choose waist height based on your waist length. If you have a shorter waist or a larger bust, go for styles that extend past your hip bones, but not all the way up to the smallest part of your waist. Large busted women tend to have less waist exposed, so wearing shorts that cover too much of your waist can make it look unbalanced and unnaturally small. Also, don’t practice size vanity as high-waist shorts that fit and allow you to properly breathe look better than anything overly tight. Also, note that high-waist shorts that show a lot of legs are better for casual styles, but if you want a classier look, you will need to go for a classier, more conservative length.

high waist shorts with crop top and cardigan high waist shorts with feminine blouse high waist shorts with loose top leather high waist shorts with chic top white high waist shorts with casual top

When opting for high-waist shorts, take pattern and color into consideration for more versatility. Keep in mind that the simplest high-waist shorts like denim go well with anything chic or casual. If you want to get something dressier, go for shorts in neutral shades like white, black, khaki, ivory, tan, and brown. Also, creative pattern and prints on your shorts add some personality to your looks. On the other hand, if you want to be more daring, opt for stronger colors and more vibrant prints.

chunky necklace and basic tee with high waist shorts high waist shorts with casual outfit high waist shorts with lace top red sandals with casual outfit statement boots with high waist shorts

Since high-waist shorts make a statement themselves, keep your accessories minimal as possible. For your jewelry, you can go for the simple necklace and earrings. Accentuate your natural waist with a skinny belt instead of a thick one. As if you choose a thick belt, you just risk shortening your waist causing your figure to look unbalanced. You can easily dress up or down your high-waist shots with the best pair of your footwear. Go for your feminine footwear like strappy sandals, wedges, stiletto shoes, classic pumps, boots, and even ballet flats that add a feminine flair to your style without looking overdone. Wedge heels are sort of like a cross between chic high heels and casual ballet flats. If you need an option that is flirty and feminine without all the fuss, an open toe or closed toe wedge heel is the way to go.

high waist shorts with crop tops high waist shorts with button down shirt high waist shorts with button down and blazer feminine blouse with high waist shorts

You may pair your high-waist shorts with ruffled tops, blazers, shirts, tank tops, cardigans, crop tops, feminine tops, off shoulder tops and such. When wearing longer tops, always tuck it in to show off the high waist and maximize the tummy-flattening and leg-lengthening effects of your outfit. For a sexy statement, go for a cropped top for a more daring look. Just make sure it falls just above the narrowest part of your waist. For a flirty vibe, go for high-waist shorts with a nice blouse that is chic but trendy.

High-waist shorts are indeed sexy, trendy, and comfortable. Just be confident on your style and let the world know how great your look is.



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