How to Wear Harem Pants

Not everyone likes them and not everyone is bold enough to wear them but if you know how to wear them, they prove to be really chic and stylish. We’re talking about harem pants – one of this year’s summer’s must haves. Harem pants aren’t exactly a new trend since they’ve been around for quite some time now but they’re really getting a lot of love and attention this summer and we can see why. They may look a little tricky to pull off but they’re actually quite versatile and they work well with a lot of looks. Here are some ideas on how to wear harem pants in case you plan on getting your hands on a pair or two.

  • Printed – for those of you out there who think the cut of harem pants is just too slouchy and blah to wear with plain colors, fret not. Harem pants now also come in cute and quirky prints so you can wear those instead. You can use these printed harem pants to do a nice take on the print on print trend or you can wear them with a simpler top if you fear that you might end up going overboard.

printed harem pants

black and red outfit

  • With a plain shirt – I cannot stress this enough: stock up on plain t-shirts. Stock up, stock up, stock up. Don’t worry about having too many, you’re going to get good use out of them anyway, for sure. A plain shirt is the best top to go for if you’re wearing something tricky like harem pants. It’s one of those fool-proof combinations you can wear anytime, even when you don’t have much time to think an outfit harem pants

white shirt black harem pants plain shirt and harem pants

  • Cropped – think harem pants are too warm? If you want something with a more summery look and feel to it, you can opt for cropped harem pants instead. Cropped harem pants also tend to be less loose so it’s great for those who don’t think the harem silhouette is not very flattering on them.

printed and cropped harem pants cropped harem pants

  • With heels –  harem pants are very slouchy so they come off really casual and laidback but you can definitely dress it up anytime you want to by pairing it up with a fancy top and gorgeous heels. Dressing up your harem with heels lets you wear them to work or to other places where casual dressing isn’t an option. If it still comes off a bit too casual for your liking, just add chic accessories on and you should be good to go.

bright orange harem and heels office chic outfit black harem and pumps

  • With a crop top – for a truly sexy street style look, you can also try wearing your harem pants with a crop top. I personally think these two make a perfect outfit because they balance each other’s silhouettes out. Crop tops are very fitted while harem pants are loose and together they make an interesting look.

blue crop top and harem pants floral crop top


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