How to Wear Florals this Fall

A floral print is a glamorous and girly one, although it is commonly seen in the summer and spring. But even if these seasons have gone, you can still go out and about with your floral pieces! Here are some useful tips on how you can wear florals – and still keep warm – these cold seasons.

floral with heels

Dazzle with your Dress

Spring might be over, but it does not mean you cannot wear your floral dresses this fall. Yes, you can wear them – and layer them along the way. Jackets, blazers and cardigans are good choices to keep your upper body warm. As for your legs, wear opaque tights or leggings. Thinking about shoes? Boots are the safe and warming choice, but you can still go with heels, flats – even rubber shoes.

floral with structured top floral with denim jacket

Jack It With a Jacket

Add some spice to your erstwhile boring get-up by wearing floral outerwear. Whether it’s a jacket, blazer or a trench coat, the key to pulling the look off is toning down the layers underneath.

floral jacket

Style up your Skirt

If you have midi floral skirts, then fall’s the best time to wear them. Pairing them up is easy, generally the safe choice is to pick a top within the same color palette of the flowers. However, you can go beyond the associated hues by choosing a neutral shade – such as black, white or tan – as they go well with any kind of ditsy design.

blue floral skirt black top red floral skirt floral skirt blue

Be Pretty in Floral Pants

Add a dash of masculinity to the floral print by wearing them as pants. Like the skirt, it can be easily paired with plain-colored tops. If this seems to be too boring for you, go crazy with the accessories. Hey, a floral statement necklace wouldn’t hurt!

floral pants


If floral clothes are too much for you, this does not mean that you should pass up on the trend. Incorporate some blooms to your wardrobe by sporting floral accessories in the forms of scarves, shoes or bags. They could be the pieces that can add some fashion flair to your wardrobe.

floral scarf

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