How to Wear Bright Colors and Bold Prints

Springtime is all about bright colors and bold prints but, if you’re not careful, you might end up looking a little more juvenile than you would care for by wearing all these eye catching hues and attention-seeking prints and patterns. Here are some tips and ideas on how to wear bright colors and bold prints to help you create a chic and sophisticated outfit anytime.

  • DO THE COLOR BLOCKING TREND – got too many bright colors sitting in your wardrobe? Don’t let them just stay there, wear them out today! The best way to wear more than 1 bright solid color in an outfit is to do the color blocking technique. To pull this off successfully, you’ll need to know your color wheel pretty well. Colors directly opposite of each other tend to create the best looks and produce contrast that adds interest to your outfit.

color blocking dress

color blocking spring and summer outfit color blocking sweater

  • DO A THEME – if you’re planning on wearing both a bright color and a printed piece at the same time, it’s best to do a theme. Choose your print pattern, determine the most dominant color and anchor your prints down to a solid piece in that hue. Your outfit will be easier on the eyes and will make more sense.

themed outfit red florals themed outfit

  • SAME PRINT, DIFFERENT DESIGN – if you’re confident enough that you can pull off an outfit with prints from head to toe but don’t want anything too boring or too monotonous, try wearing the same print but with a different design on each piece. Say you picked stripes: you can wear horizontal stripes on top and vertical stripes on the bottom (depending on your body type, of course) to make it work.

double floral outfit double stripes outfit

  • DO IT IN ONE PIECE – on the other hand, if you’re new to wearing prints or bold colors from head to toe and you’re still overwhelmed by it all, what you can do is to wear it in one piece. Pick a dress in a really bright and stunning color or wear a jumpsuit in a fun and quirky print – it’s easier to get away with bold colors and prints this way than if you were to do layers or separate pieces.

printed jumpsuit outfit tropical print printed lips outfit

  • ANCHOR THEM DOWN TO NEUTRALS – a really great way to pull off bright colors and bold prints, even when it’s your first time, is to anchor them down to neutrals. Remember that black and white are not the only neutral colors you can use. You can also choose between shades of brown and even navy and gray.

neutral shirt bold print pants neutral and bright colored dress

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