How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans and still look feminine

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans and still look feminine ? Baggy  or boyfriend jeans have always been a hot favourite from the 1990’s  till now. You can change your look and present yourself in a more trendy way by trying these baggy jeans. Whether you are a guy or a chick, baggy jeans can look good and stylish on all body types. You can also style yourself with trendy accessories, which indeed work wonders with baggy jeans. Let’s check out some tips on How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans and still look feminine :

Wear yout boyfriend jeans with a crop top

Summers are the best for baggy jeans. Mix them with a cute summer crop top and add some dapper accessories to make it look more in vogue. Make sure you choose  appropriate colours of the accessories or top you will be wearing with the jeans. Your choice of colour will enhance your outfit. So, if you are trying a pale colour of jeans use a dark shade of top and if you go with darker shade of jeans, match it with lighter shade top.Boyfriend Jeans

crop top ripped boyfriend jeans

A tight fitted top always goes well with your baggy jeans and a long, trendy handbag.A good idea is to wear classy glasses to add to the outfit.

crop top boyfriend jeans

Cuff your boyfriend jeans

Cuffs in your jeans are trendy and stylish which makes you look groovy and cool. Your cuff has to be at the correct place or if you are doing it by yourself make sure you position the cuts carefully . A thick cuff works best with wide-leg denim  .Cuffs on the baggy jeans will make you look fashionable when matched with a great top or shirt.cuffed baggy jeans cuffed boyfriend jeans

Baggy jeans always look good with flowy cardigan and  with a high heels . This style never goes of trend as cardigants always make a great impression of one’s personality.

how to wear baggy jeans

Structure with fitted blazer

Pairing your baggy jeans with fitted blazer is one of the most awesome styles. wear a good pair of your jeans with a well fitted blazer to look cool and fashionable. Colour of blazer can be black, blue, white or any other shade.boyfriend jeand and blazer for layered lookbaggy jeans with blazer

Ripped  jeans for a Simple casual style

Dress in your ripped boyfriend jeans with simple casual tee . This is a great summer trend which makes you look amazing. For a lasting impression try wearing with heels and trendy accessories.  ripped boyfriend jeansBoyfriend jeans and statement necklace

Your boyfriend  jeans can be a great choice if worn in a stylish combination of tops and accessories. They have always been a street favourite and still give a magnificent look to one’s personality.

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