How to Wear (and Rock) Suede

Most people think of suede as tacky, but with more and more designers promoting this trend (i.e. Ralph Lauren,) consensus shows that it is one of the hottest styles of today. If you find it hard to glamorize this reverse side of leather, then here are some tips that can help you wear (even rock) suede.

suede boots

Contrast Makes it Chic…

The basic rule of wearing suede is to pair it with contrasting fabrics and textures. If you have the traditional brown suede, wear it with a lighter shade. Another way is to wear it with a different-textured fabric, such as silk or leather.

suede shorts

suede jacket

…but Suede on Suede Works too!

Pulling off suede on suede can be tricky, but it can be done! As with the golden rule of wearing suede, it is important to match it with contrasting palettes. The light and dark suede fabrics (as shown below) are vital to making the look successful.

suede on suede

Go for Another Color

While suede is widely available in brown, it comes in a variety of colors. For a safe yet chic look, choose a neutral shade – such as black. Give your work or play outfit a new lease in life by sporting black suede pants (such as below) instead of the usual leggings or slacks.

black suede pants

Crop is Cool

Crop tops are all the rage nowadays. But even if fall is upon us, you can still wear these belly-showing tops around town. The key is to put it with contrast colored pieces – such as high-waisted trousers or skirts. You can even wear it with a flowy dress.

suede crop top

Be Sexy with a Suede Skirt

Tired of the traditional skirts? Then make room for a stylish suede skirt. Its unique texture makes it a great piece to wear with a loose, flowy top. Put some strappy sandals on for a unique night attire.

suede skirt

Don a Suede Dress

Feeling adventurous? Then put on a suede dress! The key to pulling this look off is to choose a simple dress. Avoid those with tassels and frou-frous to prevent a tacky, wild west look. With this plain canvas you can go crazy with the styling and the accessorizing.

suede dress

Suede is Good Outerwear

Since it is the reverse side of leather, suede is a good choice for warming outerwear. Match your suede coat with a light, flowy dress or your suede vest with a simple black maxi dress.

suede vest

suede coat

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