How to Wear an Oversized Sweater

A sweater is one of the best fashion friends a woman can have, especially this winter season. With the many styles and designs out there, make sure to break out of the box! Do try a unique trend, such as that of an oversized sweater. Loose and comforting, this sweater can make you look glamorous, as long as it is styled in any of the following ways:

Go for Contrast

While color blocking and print on print are some of the hottest fashion trends of today, contrast is still the most sophisticated way to go. That means if you have a solid-colored oversized sweater, make sure to wear it with printed bottoms. The same goes with a printed sweater. Yes, it is best paired with a graphic skirt or trousers.

sweater and printed pants

printed sweater

Think About Texture

Oversized sweaters are often seen as boyish fashion elements. Bring out the feminine side of this topper by wearing it with luxe fabrics and trimmed clothing. A frilly dress or an embellished skirt can make your sweater ready for a dressy event.

oversized sweater over lace oversized sweater and pleated skirt oversized sweater over frills

Be Chic in Cropped Pants

In fashion, it pays to have a balanced look. So if you plan on wearing an oversized sweater, then pair it with fitted bottoms, a good example of which is cropped pants. Not only will it complement your king-size top, it can make your legs look slimmer as well.

oversized sweater and cropped pants oversized sweater and cropped denims

Look Marvelous in a Mini

Even if it’s snowing outside, you can still rock your favorite mini skirt with an oversized sweater. The fitted form balances the voluminous look of the oversized sweater. Of course, do remember to keep your legs from freezing by wearing it with tights or leggings.

oversized sweater and mini skirt oversized sweater with mini skirt

Belt it Out

If you want to showcase your figure, you can still do so with an oversized sweater. Create a svelte figure simply by putting a belt on. Get the finest belt for your look by learning more about the best belt for your body type.

belted printed sweater belted sweater

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