How to Wear All White Outfits this Summer

There is an unwritten rule that an all-white outfit should only be worn in between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Although this is the case, you can bend some rules and deck yourself in this immaculate color. Blind the others with your pristine fashion ensemble with these tips on how to wear all white outfit this summer.

Go Tailored

If you want to know how to wear all white outfit to the office, then this is the tip you need to follow. Instead of the usual black blazer and pants, reverse your color palette with a stark white pantsuit. There are so many styles out there, so you can surely pick one that suits your fashion needs. Whether it’s a boxy jacket or a slim-fitting one, you can never go wrong with an all-white pantsuit.

charlize theron white pantsuit

taylor swift white pantsuit white pantsuit

Try Subtle Prints and Unique Textures

You don’t have to be boring when it comes to how to wear all white outfit this summer. You can stay true to this trend – and inject some life along the way – by wearing white outfits with subtle prints and designs. You don’t have to remain flat with a simple shirt and white pants. Why not wear a lace top or a lace skirt while you are at it?

vanessa hudgens white outfit white lace dress

Add Some Drama

Like subtle prints and unique textures, a dramatic silhouette is a surefire tip on how to wear all white this summer. Geometric-cut tops and bottoms, when paired with the right kind of shoe, can add a sexy touch to your rather ‘innocent’ white summer outfit.

white crop top and skorts white cage outfit

Try Overalls

A fresh and unique take on how to wear all white outfit this summer is to sport a pair of overalls. Reminiscent of your kooky childhood, white overalls can add a youthful vibe to your summer ensemble.

white blouse and overalls white jumper

Show your Shoulder

Summer is the perfect time to show some skin. So instead of wearing the usual tank top or halter top, why not try an off-shoulder blouse? This is a good way how to wear all white outfit this summer, especially if you want a fashionable look that can you take from day to night.

white off shoulder top

…or your Legs

Of course, summer is the time for shorts! Make the most out of the sunny season by wearing your white shorts with a cute top. Although shorts are casual, you can modify your look based on your top. You can get a formidable look in a structured blouse, and a funky style in a sheer or lacy top.

white blouse and shorts white top and shorts

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